As the academic core of the University of Washington, the College of Arts and Sciences houses a wide array of programs, departments and centers in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. The College is firmly committed to creating a welcoming and equitable learning environment, and promoting access, opportunity and justice. To further this commitment, the College embraces, embodies, and explores the world in all its diversity through our research, scholarship, creative expression and teaching.

In alignment with the UW’s Race and Equity Initiative and the Provost’s Faculty Diversity Initiative, the College seeks to expand its community of scholars with a focus on studying historically underrepresented and/or underserved communities and broadening methodological approaches to address questions of special relevance to communities that have been understudied or underserved. This also reflects the growing demand from students for additional courses and experiences that explore these topics.

Among the College’s many faculty searches this year, the open faculty searches included below - representing departments from across the College - provide an opportunity to build an intellectual community and support structure around these disciplines. Candidates’ research, teaching, mentoring, service, and/or outreach should expand or enrich traditional disciplinary boundaries. Links to each position are provided, along with the name and contact information of departmental search chairs.


Open Faculty Searches

(listed alphabetically by department)

Assistant Professor of Black Studies in Communication (Department of Communication)
Professor Ralina Joseph, Search Committee Chair;

Assistant Professor of Dance, African and/or African Diasporic Dance and Culture (Department of Dance)
Professor Jennifer Salk, Search Committee Chair;

Assistant Professor of African American and Black Diasporic Literary Studies (Department of English)
Professor Habiba Ibrahim, Search Committee Chair;

Assistant Professor of African American History (Department of History)
Professor Margaret O’Mara, Search Committee Chair;

Assistant Professor in Law, Societies & Justice; Social Scientific Studies of Race and Ethnicity (Department of Law, Societies & Justice)
Professor Steve Herbert, Search Committee Chair;

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Politics of Race and Ethnicity (Department of Political Science)
Professor Sophia Jordán Wallace, Search Committee Chair;

Assistant Professor - Child Development & Psychopathology (Department of Psychology)
Professor Liliana Lengua, Search Committee Chair;

Assistant Professor - Psychology/Mental Health Disparities (Department of Psychology)
Professor William George, Search Committee Chair;

Assistant Professor, Environmental Justice or Development Studies (Jackson School of International Studies)
Professor José Antonio Lucero, Search Committee Chair;

University of Washington Commitment to Diversity

The University of Washington is committed to building diversity among its faculty, librarian, staff, and student communities, and articulates that commitment in the UW Diversity Blueprint. Additionally, the University’s Faculty Code recognizes faculty efforts in research, teaching and/or service that address diversity and equal opportunity as important contributions to a faculty member’s academic profile and responsibilities.