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A Global Citizen

Louie Vital, BA, Communication, Political Science, '16

September 2016
Louie Vital, Communications, Political Science, 2016

Louie Vital spends her summers traveling the world as a researcher and scholar. The first part of summer 2014, she investigated the lasting effects of colonialism in the Philippines—research that resulted in her being named a Mary Gates Research Scholar. Then she was off to León to study with peers in the C21 Fellows Program.

Support from the Gates Scholarship enabled her research on swine flu and xenophobia, which led to her presentation at the Undergraduate Research Symposium in 2015. Vital plans to study abroad again (India is on her list), and dreams of becoming a U.S. diplomat to the Philippines. Thanks to her College of Arts and Sciences and Gates scholarships, Vital is able to focus wholly on her academic and research interests. She is a committed C21 Fellow, passionate researcher, resident adviser, and proud Husky, exemplifying the drive to discover that characterizes our students.