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Every day our faculty and students are asking vital questions and driving discovery in areas that you care about. We come together, across disciplines and backgrounds, to push at the edges of knowledge, to prepare the next generation of leaders, and to make our world better. We are scientists and artists. Scholars and students. Washingtonians and global citizens. And we want to partner with you.

Because we believe that together, we can make an impact. We can bring about change—for Washington and the world.

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Stories of Support

Jesus Martinez-Gomez, BS, Biology, '16

After seeing a caterpillar transform into a butterfly in second grade, Jesus Martinez-Gomez fell in love with biology and the beautiful science of living things....Read more

Angelina Godoy in El Salvador

During El Salvador’s brutal civil war, more than 7 5,000 civilians were killed, mostly at the hands of the government and its paramilitary adjuncts.  Two...Read more

Milky Way Galaxy
Big Ideas

The origin of the Universe remains a mystery, inspiring creation stories and scientific theories. Soon astrophysicists will have a new tool in their search for...Read more

Life Sciences Complex

The Department of Biology has a bold vision to transform biological research and teaching. Through a new Life Sciences Complex (LSC) that will open Fall...Read more

From protecting the planet to driving arts innovation to educating the next generation of leaders, we care about many of the same things that are important to you.

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The impact of the College of Arts & Sciences is as far-reaching as the fields it encompasses. But this impact is only realized when visionary partners come alongside faculty and students to invest in what is possible. Through scholarship support, students from diverse backgrounds have access to life-changing educational opportunities in the classroom, the laboratory, and abroad. Through endowed professorships and chairs, faculty have the resources to delve deeply into issues of equity and human rights, preserve endangered languages, explore the Universe, and tackle climate change — all while welcoming undergraduate and graduate students along on the adventure. Support for A&S programs can fire the imagination and drive curiosity-based research leading to discoveries that will help in ways we cannot yet imagine.