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Chemistry Professor, Dan Fu, Receives Prestigious 2017 Beckman Young Investigator Award

June 16, 2017

Seattle— The University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences announced that Dan Fu, Assistant Professor in Chemistry received a 2017 Beckman Young Investigator award.

The Beckman Young Investigator Award is given by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation to promising young faculty members who are working to open areas of research in the chemical and life sciences.

“We are excited to support these amazing researchers,” says Dr. Anne Hultgren, Executive Director of the Foundation. “The Foundation is committed to helping launch our next generation of talented scientists by giving them the funding and flexibility they need to pursue novel areas of study that have the potential for revolutionary breakthroughs.”

Fu will use the funding provided by this award to develop an integrated optical imaging system, which will help researchers and doctors understand cancer cell growth and development. Tumors are made up of many different kinds of cells, which may grow at different rates and have varied responses to treatment. Since cancer cells’ growth rates determine aggressiveness and the effectiveness of therapeutic response, it is vital to accurately measure individual cells within a tumor to determine the best method of treatment.

This imaging system will allow researchers to accurately measure cancer cell growth and metabolic activities, and to understand how growth control is regulated. It will also allow doctors to tailor treatment options to individual patients and deliver a higher standard of personalized health care.


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