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Cool Courses for Winter Quarter 2020

October 2019
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As you start thinking about winter quarter course registration, check out these unique Arts & Sciences offerings. They’re open to all students, have no prerequisites, and fulfill Areas of Knowledge requirements as noted.


GERMAN 385: Sympathy for the Devil*

Is compassion the foundation of human morality or a dangerously unreliable emotion? This course examines the strategies and motivations used in plays, novels, films, and other media to foster empathy for commonly held enemies or discriminated groups. The syllabus runs from plays in Ancient Greece to depictions of Nazis and terrorists in modern film.
*This course is titled "Rhetoric and Social Justice" on the time schedule.
Ellwood Wiggins (Germanics)
5 credits, I&S, DIV


DRAMA 406: Digital Cinema Production

Learn about digital cinema production, from cinematic storytelling to the use of digital media equipment. In rotation, students will work with experienced actors as assistant director, director of photography, camera operator, sound operator, lighting and grip technician, and script supervisor. Some experience strongly recommended.
N. Kwame Braun (Drama)
5 credits, VLPA


ANTH 207: Class and Culture in America

Does class exist in the United States? Lower class, middle class, upper class, working class... ruling class? This course explores the intricacies of class dynamics and how they have developed in the U.S. over time, and will challenge you to explore what class means in both cultural and institutional spaces.
Celia Lowe (Anthropology)
5 credits, I&S, DIV


MUSIC 160: American Folk Music

"This machine kills fascists." That phrase from the 1940s refers not to a machine gun but a guitar—the guitar folk musician Woody Guthrie used while writing folk songs against fascism. This course on American folk music examines a uniquely American musical genre via socio-historical, political, and cultural contexts.
Christina Sunardi (Music)
5 credits, VLPA


ITAL 250: Rome

The next best thing to being there! This course focuses on Rome as an historical, intellectual, and artistic world center, incorporating literary and historic documents, visual arts, architecture, film, and opera. Taught in English. Offered jointly with ART H 250/HSTEU 250.
Albert Sbragia (Italian Studies) and Mary O’Neil (History)
5 credits, VLPA, I&S


More Cool Courses

DRAMA 367: African Theatre and Performance

This course explores theater, dance, and other types of performance, with a focus on West African and South African playwrights, choreographers, and more. Topics include slavery, colonialism, and apartheid, all of which have had a profound impact on African history and cultures. 
Catherine Cole (Drama)
5 credits, VLPA, DIV


POL S 318: American Political Thought from the Colonial Era to the Civil War

Where do the American ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy come from? This course surveys American political thought from the colonial era to the Civil War, addressing early concepts of the individual, community, and the rise of the "self-made man." Explore the ideology of the American Revolution, the conflict over slavery, the question of women's equality, and more.
Jack Turner (Political Science)
5 credits, I&S, DIV


C LIT 318 / NEAR E 318: Literature and the Holocaust

This course examines fiction, poetry, memoir, diaries, monuments, film, and pop culture from several languages and cultural milieus, with emphases on English and Hebrew. Topics include survivor testimony, shaping of collective memory, the second generation, Holocaust education and children's literature, gender and the Holocaust, and fantasy and humor as responses to catastrophe.  
Naomi Sokoloff (Comparative Literature, NELC)
5 credits, VLPA, DIV, W credit optional


GEOG 276: Introduction to Political Geography

Examines both the geography of politics and the politics of geography at a variety of spatial scales and in different global locations. Typical topics include: geographies of the state and state power; geopolitics and globalization; national and local politics, and other politics of culture, health, nature, and the body.
Michael Brown (Geography)
5 credits, I&S


PORT 365 A: Mapping Luso-Brazilian Cultures

The course explores cultures of Brazil, Portuguese-speaking Africa, Asia, and Europe within the framework of cultural studies theory. drawing from readings, audio, films, and documentaries in history, literature, arts and performances, and anthropology, among others.  Taught in English. Offered jointly with JSIS A 365. 
Eduardo Viana da Silva (Spanish & Portuguese Studies)
5 credits. VLPA, I&S


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