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Perspectives Newsletter March 2016

The Temple of Baalshamin in Syria being destroyed by ISIS in 2015.
As ancient cultural sites are pillaged in war-torn regions, a new course asks what can be done to stem the destruction. Read More
Students with smart phones in Myanmar.
With Myanmar's transition to democracy, access to information has surged. UW helps Myanmar's citizens navigate this new reality. Read More
Marcin Pączkowski performing one of his compositions
Composer Marcin Pączkowski uses sensor technology to alter music through specific movements. Read More
Astronomy Professor Bruce Balick
Astronomy's "Cosmologies and Cultures" course explores the Big Bang theory but also other stories about the Universe's origins. Read More
David Borning
With a major award and internship from Disney, drama major David Borning is one step closer to his dream of designing theme parks. Read More
Dee Boersma at Punta Tombo in Argentina.
Biology professor Dee Boersma is a finalist for the Indianapolis Prize, the highest honor for animal conservationists. Read More
Recent honors to College of Arts & Sciences faculty and staff. Read More