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Perspectives Newsletter August 2016

Students in DXARTS's  Art and Brain Lab
DXARTS faculty and students find artistic inspiration in the tools of neuroscience. Read More
Child reading
Jason Yeatman's research may eventually lead to personalized intervention programs for dyslexia. Read More
Sara Goering
Philosophers and scientists collaborate to explore ethical questions raised by neuroscience. Read More
Bob Stacey, Dean of Arts and Sciences
A&S faculty, students, and alumni are making remarkable breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain. Read More
book cover for The Most Human Human
What does it take to prove that you are more human than a computer? A&S alum Brian Christian (MFA, Creative Writing, 2008) finds out. Read More
Bing Brunton
Bing Brunton searches for meaningful patterns in data from electrical signals in the brain. Read More
Test subject wearing an EEG cap.
A question-and-answer game tests the potential for direct brain-to-brain connection. Read More