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Perspectives Newsletter January 2018

David Owens and students outside the courthouse in Chicago.
Civil rights attorney David Owens (2004) represents victims of police misconduct and wrongful conviction. Read More
Erin Murphy in front of a whiteboard
Interaction designer Erin Murphy (2013) brings a fresh perspective as a member of the Mars 2020 rover team. Read More
Cindy Roberts in the polar exhibit, with a bear on the other side of the glass.
Cindy Roberts (2001) focuses on the well-being of polar bears and other animals in the zoo — and in the wild. Read More
Julian Fellerman talking with a farmer.
Julian Fellerman (2011) works abroad for a specialty direct-to-consumer coffee company, combining his personal and professional interests. Read More
Meg Lemke portrait
Meg Lemke (2001) has shared her enthusiasm for graphic novels and other comics throughout her publishing career. Read More