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Perspectives Newsletter January 2019

Dubs II licks Anne-Lise's face.
Dubs II has big paws to fill as successor to UW mascot Dubs. Anne-Lise Nilsen (BS, 2014) is making sure he's prepared. Read More
Kenneth Barger
As a court interpreter, Kenneth Barger (BA, 2014) has helped hundreds of litigants be understood. Read More
Houses in water, on both sides of a river in Cambodia
Taber Hand (MA, 1983) has found a cost-effective solution for sewage treatment in challenging settings. Read More
Cheryl Delostrinos dancing on the street, in front of a mural.
Through dance, Cheryl Delostrinos (BA, 2013) promotes equity and social justice — and the joy of movement. Read More
Kevin Truong in Hey Mentor t-shirt
With Hey Mentor, an online mentoring program, Kevin Truong (BA, 2016) is helping students prepare for college. Read More