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Perspectives Archive

June 2018

Dean Robert Stacey on the current national conversation about academic majors.
PhD student Arianne Eason believes that understanding what shapes our views on race is the first step toward positive change. 
Aspiring filmmaker Justin Roach says his cinema & media studies major helped him develop "a really good eye" for film. 

April 2018

Communication Leadership students use storytelling to shed light on humans' dependence on the ocean.
Recent awards and honors for College of Arts & Sciences faculty.
Speech & Hearing students role-play as patients with communication disorders to help med students develop communication strategies. 
Students in an interdisciplinary field intensive and seminar course study shorelines, with an emphasis on writing. 
Spanish Studies graduate students are planning a Spanish-language film festival for Chief Sealth High School. 
UW composer Huck Hodge talks about his music and receiving the prestigious Charles Ives Living Award. 

March 2018

Visiting artists are immersed in creative research at the UW through an interdisciplinary initiative.
A physics student explores the possibilities of quantum computing — with help from a Microsoft Research Fellowship.
Dean Robert Stacey on exciting changes ahead for the College. 
Trump in the World — a course and lecture series — explores the global impact of Donald Trump's presidency. 
A new psychology course pairs scientific research on happiness with activities that promote a positive outlook.

January 2018

Julian  Fellerman (2011) works abroad for a specialty direct-to-consumer coffee company, combining his personal and professional interests. 
Cindy Roberts (2001) focuses on the well-being of polar bears and other animals in the zoo — and in the wild.
Interaction designer Erin Murphy (2013) brings a fresh perspective as a member of the Mars 2020 rover team.
Meg Lemke (2001) has shared her enthusiasm for graphic novels and other comics throughout her publishing career. 
Civil rights attorney David Owens (2004) represents victims of police misconduct and wrongful conviction. 

December 2017

Seattle Symphony music director Ludovic Morlot plays a significant role in the UW School of Music. 
An annual competition puts undergraduate mathematicians to the ultimate test.
A popular course combines building catapults and other ancient technologies with the study of ancient philosophers. 
A new literature course focuses on Nobel Prize winners and the sometimes surprising factors that led to their win. 
Research involving UW faculty and students shows evidence of humans in Australia much earlier than previously thought.

November 2017

Combat reporter Alex Quade (1992) embeds with U.S. Special Operations Forces to share their stories.