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Perspectives Archive

August 2016

Bing Brunton searches for meaningful patterns in data from electrical signals in the brain.

June 2016

In his academic work and community involvement, Dustin Abrahamson is committed to addressing racism.
Tzyy Yi Young's artistic talent impressed her teachers and peers—and the design company Roche Bobois.
From Distinguished Teaching Awards to President's Medals, it's awards season at the UW.
The College of Arts & Sciences awarded its 2016 Graduate Medal to three exceptional graduate students.
Whether in a laboratory or on a soccer field, student athlete Megan Kufeld was "all in, all the time" at the UW.
When an assistant racehorse trainer and mother of three returned to school, she discovered a passion for research.

May 2016

Knighthood, a Woman of Courage award, and more honors for faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences.
For the Skies Over Seattle project, drama students are devising original theater pieces inspired by community organizations in the U-District. 
An A&S board member shares her experience of traveling in Rome with English professor Shawn Wong and Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity students.
A Pacific Science Center exhibit features the work—and snacks—of grad students in the Department of Chemistry. 
Working with Somali community leaders, a UW psychology professor has developed a trauma intervention program for the Somali community.  
Undergraduates participating in the College's first Ideathon spent 48 hours brainstorming about engagement in the humanities.

March 2016

Recent honors to College of Arts & Sciences faculty and staff.
With Myanmar's transition to democracy, access to information has surged. UW helps Myanmar's citizens navigate this new reality.
Biology professor Dee Boersma is a finalist for the Indianapolis Prize, the highest honor for animal conservationists.
Composer Marcin Pączkowski uses sensor technology to alter music through specific movements.
Astronomy's "Cosmologies and Cultures" course explores the Big Bang theory but also other stories about the Universe's origins.
With a major award and internship from Disney, drama major David Borning is one step closer to his dream of designing theme parks.
As ancient cultural sites are pillaged in war-torn regions, a new course asks what can be done to stem the destruction.

February 2016

Three A&S alumni recently opened Seattle's first cat café, which brings together two Northwest favorites: coffee and kitties.  
Mentorship, career workshops, internships, and other A&S programs help smooth students' transition from college to career.
Julia Tai (2010), a conductor in Seattle, loves "the challenge of...pulling all the sound together to make something great."
Shirley Malcom (1967) has been a vocal advocate for equity in STEM fields, building on her own experiences in the sciences.
"A strong sense of curiosity is an absolute necessity," says Allan Mustard (1978), U.S. Ambassador to Turkmenistan.