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December 2014

Think you know a lot about the University's history? Time to take our quiz.
Books make great gifts. Books by Arts & Sciences alumni? Even better. Here are some recent arrivals, from fiction to nonfiction to memoir to poetry.
Thunderous stadium noise is exhilarating for sports fans—and harmful for their ears. A class project aims to protect hearing without sacrificing team spirit.
Would you have been eligible for U.S. citizenship in the late 1700s? The late 1800s? A new course looks at evolving citizenship laws and what they say about our nation.
Answers to the UW Campus History Quiz

October 2014

During a visit to the Canadian Arctic to study Inuktitut, the Inuit language, students experienced firsthand the language's connection to the land.
News and award announcements from the UW College of Arts & Sciences.
A mathematician and artist, married for decades, teach a course that explores the creative process at the core of both disciplines.
Sweet Charity, the inaugural production of the UW's new interdisciplinary Musical Theater program, opens November 14.
Got your attention? Turns out swear words provide unique insights into how language works.
A philosopher and a statistician won an NIH competition that addresses the problem of bias in academic peer review.
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope will photograph the visible sky 1,000 times over ten years, providing unparalleled data about our universe.

September 2014

Dean Robert Stacey reflects on his stay in León, Spain, where he spent time with entering freshmen through a new Arts & Sciences program.
Undergraduates in an immersive summer program in Tahiti looked beyond the tourist appeal of French Polynesia to the implications of it being a French colony.
The Biology Department has redesigned its introductory courses so that students actively participate in class, even in its largest lecture courses.
Nine weeks to complete an independent research project? Students in the Summer Institute for the Arts and Humanities embraced that challenge.
Sixty entering freshmen launched their UW careers in León, Spain through a new study abroad program offered by the College.
Discover artworks in unexpected spaces on the UW's Seattle campus through Mad Campus, a temporary exhibition on view through October 25.

August 2014

Sarah Nash Gates reflects on two memorable decades as executive director of the School of Drama and welcomes successor Todd London.
Fear spiders and love sweets? Blame it on your Pleistocene ancestors. Professor Emeritus Gordon Orians explains the connection in a new book.
Professor Joel Migdal sheds light on the Middle East conflict and the U.S. role there in his book Shifting Sands.
The Burke Museum served as matchmaker and mentor for a project linking museums in Suquamish, Washington and Palawan Island, Philippines.
Professor Brandi Cossairt's efforts to develop affordable solar energy using quantum dots earned her a UW Innovation Award.

June 2014

Four recent PhD grads, with research ranging from human rights to ultrafast X-ray science, received the A&S Graduate Medal this spring.
"Learning another language is discovering another avenue for self-expression," says Joy Maa (Spanish, Japanese, 2014), who is fluent in four languages.