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PhD Fellowship Initiative

Elevating Excellence in the College of Arts & Sciences

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Graduate students are at the heart of our brightest ideas and best work — from using social media data to create a snapshot of global migration, to understanding visual learning and processing in the honeybee, to leveraging neuroscience to create and understand art. They are the inspired thinkers who propel us forward through tireless inquiry and exploration.

The future vitality and reputation of the College of Arts & Sciences hinges on our ability to attract the most sought-after PhD candidates from around the world. The challenge is, our top public and private peers are looking to recruit these same stellar graduate students and are often better-positioned given robust graduate support funding. To maintain and elevate our institutional excellence in the years to come, we need enhanced resources for strategic recruitment.

The provost recognizes this challenge and is launching a University-wide PhD Fellowship Initiative to address it. This ambitious initiative will catalyze new, competitively-funded fellowships to attract a field of top PhD candidates and elevate the excellence of the University of Washington. Through a strategic allocation of University matching funds, the College has a unique opportunity to invite donor investment that will result in immediate and significant impact.

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About the Match // Two Options for Impact

Option 1: Endowed Fellowship

Five-Year Pledge with Endowment Accelerator
A five-year pledge to create an endowed PhD fellowship at a $250K minimum qualifies for accelerator funds that begin paying out immediately, covering years one through five while the donor makes pledge payments. These funds empower immediate gift impact by bridging the gap between the initial gift pledge and the first endowment distribution.

Outright Gift with Endowment Amplifier
Outright gifts to create an endowed PhD fellowship at a $250K minimum qualify for amplifier funds that are paid out on top of regular endowment distributions for five years. These funds empower immediate and competitive recruitment of top PhD candidates by significantly enhancing what a unit is able to offer.

Option 2: Term Fellowship

Term fellowship annual gifts toward a three-year term PhD fellowship qualify for a 50% match ($15K minimum a year). This means that a total three-year donor investment of $75K for a term fellowship will be amplified to $112.5K through available matching funds.


Invest While Matching Funds Last

With this limited-time matching funding, your generous investment in the College will ensure our ability to compete for the best doctoral candidates in the world, elevating the excellence and impact of programs across the College. We invite you to consider creating a new fellowship while matching funding is available.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Aydelott​