Photo of Angélica Amezcua

Angélica Amezcua

Assistant Professor, Spanish; Director of the Heritage Language Program

Photo of Anis Bawarshi

Anis Bawarshi

Thomas L. & Margo G. Wyckoff Endowed Professor and Chair of English

Photo of Anthony Gill

Anthony Gill

Professor of Political Science

Photo of Stephanie Kerschbaum

Stephanie Kerschbaum

Professor of English; Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Whitney Lynn

Whitney Lynn

Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Visual Art; Interdisciplinary Visual Art Chair

Photo of Miguel Morales

Miguel Morales

Professor of Physics

David Perkel

David Perkel

Professor and Chair of Biology

Photo of Abel Rodriguez

Abel Rodriguez

Professor and Chair of Statistics

Photo of Ian Schnee

Ian Schnee

Associate Teaching Professor of Philosophy and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Photo of Christina Sundari

Christina Sunardi

Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology; Adelaide D. Currie Cole Endowed Professor and Chair of Dance

Photo of Ellwood Wiggins

Ellwood Wiggins

Associate Professor and Chair of German Studies