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The Student Experience

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The UW College of Arts & Sciences is a place of discovery—about yourself and about the world. We are home to the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences at the University of Washington.

Students practicing in a jazz dance class

The Arts Division provides conservator-level training in the performing and visual arts, grounded in the scholarship and critical thinking that are at the core of an Arts & Sciences education.LEARN MORE

Students discussing topic in Germanics class

Through the study of language, literature, and culture, humanities students explore the human experience from diverse perspectives.LEARN MORE

Student working with flasks and chemicals in a lab

Students in the natural sciences—including the mathematical, physical, and life sciences—learn from leading scientists who share their sense of curiosity and discovery.LEARN MORE

People sitting at a long table

The social sciences focus on the complexity of the human community, exploring through various disciplines how people develop group identities, ensure cooperation, manage conflict, and regulate power.LEARN MORE

Advice from Students

Wondering how to make the most of your Arts & Sciences education? Check out these tips from students who’ve been in your shoes.

Discover Through Research

You’re at one of the top research universities in the world. As an Arts & Sciences student, you can participate in course-based research, faculty research projects, specialized undergraduate research programs, and more. Each year, more than 600 Arts & Sciences undergraduates share their research at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium. So be part of new discoveries, whatever your interests! Some ideas to get you started:

Students in lab coats working on experiment

A Biology “CURE”

Through the Biology Department’s course-based research experiences, or CUREs, even introductory students pursue research that contributes to the field. Upper-level CUREs are taught by research faculty as extensions of their own research programs.LEARN MORE

People standing and sitting around a table while discussing a topic

Human Rights Research

At the UW Center for Human Rights, undergraduates research local and international human rights issues in partnership with human rights groups. One current area of focus: the human rights implications of today’s immigration enforcement in Washington state.LEARN MORE

Two people sitting next to eachother in a classroom

Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities

Each summer, faculty and undergraduates in the arts, humanities, and humanist social sciences come together to develop research projects around an annual theme. Last summer they dug into Seattle history and unearthed some surprises.LEARN MORE

People standing inside an observatory

The Universe at the University

The Pre-Major in Astronomy Program (Pre-MAP) provides opportunities for first-year students interested in math and science — particularly from groups traditionally underrepresented in astronomy — to participate in research and receive mentoring and peer support.LEARN MORE

Courses You Won't Find Elsewhere

The Arts & Sciences curriculum includes many surprises—courses that are innovative, unexpected, and sometimes provocative. A few recent offerings:

Students working together on a catapult

Classics & Catapults

Students build ancient technologies and study ancient philosophers’ writings about science in this Classics course.READ MORE

Students smiling while sitting outside

Learning Happiness

Psychology students pair scientific research on happiness with activities that promote a positive outlook.READ MORE

Promo image for Germanics course about sympathy

The Trouble with Sympathy

Sympathy can be used for good but can also serve a darker purpose, students learn in this Germanics course.READ MORE

Student getting ready to write something on an oversized check.

What to Do with $50K

Students had $50,000 to spend (for real!) in a Law, Societies & Justice course on responsible philanthropy.READ MORE

Embrace the Arts

Whether you’re ready for a deep dive into the arts or prefer to cautiously test the waters, there are myriad opportunities to be part of the campus arts community.

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Explore ArtsUW

ArtsUW is the site for all things arts related at the UW. You can purchase tickets for campus arts events, learn about upcoming courses and talented faculty, find links to regional calendars, and more.LEARN MORE

Prepare for Your Future

You’re planning for your future. So are we. To prepare Arts & Sciences students for what comes next, the College and its departments offer a range of college-to-career programs.

  • There’s a Job for That! Wondering how your interests might translate to an awesome job? Take our job quiz and see what Arts & Sciences alumni who share your interests are doing now. TAKE THE QUIZ
  • Mentors at Amazon & Microsoft. Mentor programs, exclusively for Arts & Sciences majors, match students with mentors at two of the region’s largest employers to explore career paths, network, and prepare for next steps. LEARN MORE ABOUT AMAZON & MICROSOFT MENTOR PROGRAMS.
  • UW Career & Internship Center. This University-wide center offers loads of resources, including sessions on everything from resumes to interviewing, drop-in career coaching, employer-led workshops, video resources, and more. LEARN MORE


  • Communication Career Exploration. Through the Career Exploration program, Communication majors travel to New York or Los Angeles to meet with alumni in TV production, journalism, public relations, the nonprofit sector, and more.  LEARN MORE
  • Student Voice Project. The School of Art + Art History + Design’s Student Voice Project features meet-ups with alumni for networking and advice, plus workshops on everything from scholarships to resumes. LEARN MORE
  • Economics Undergraduate Mentorship Program. A mentorship program in the Department of Economics pairs undergraduate majors with alumni mentors who meet them regularly to offer career guidance and support. LEARN MORE
  • History Fellows. The Department of History offers a two-course sequence for majors that includes career workshops, research on diverse career fields, and the opportunity to participate in an internship for practical experience. LEARN MORE
  • Professional Development for Geographers.  The Department of Geography offers a two-credit course that prepares its majors for the job market, covering skills assessment, resume building, interviewing, and more. LEARN MORE