• Teens sitting in a row, focused on their cellphones.

    A Closer Look at Teens & Digital Technology

    The impact of digital technology on teens' mental health is the focus of a new course developed by Lucia Magis-Weinberg in the UW Department of Psychology.

    February 2024 Perspectives
  • Tiana Cole + Brad Blackburn III seated behind a microphone.

    Mentorship for Black Professionals, Earbuds Not Included

    Identity Unboxed, a podcast created by alums Tiana Cole and Brad Blackburn III, explores the experiences of Black professionals in the Seattle area.

    February 2024 Perspectives
  • Ashleigh Therberge and research team members looking at equipment in her UW chemistry lab.

    How a Chemistry Lab is Transforming Clinical Research

    Ashleigh Theberge's UW lab creates bioanalytical chemistry tools. Some are transforming how clinical studies can be conducted. 

    February 2024 Perspectives
  • Lisa Dabek holding a young tree kangaroo in her arms.

    Protecting Ghosts of the Forest

    Lisa Dabek (PhD, Psychology, 1994), senior conservation scientist at the Woodland Park Zoo, studies and protects tree kangaroos in the cloud forests of Papua New Guinea. 

    January 2024 Perspectives
  • Alexa Bednarz walking in India

    Raising the (Sustainable) Roof

    Alexa Bednarz (BA, Communication, 2012) turned an idea for environmentally friendly roofing material into Eco-Shelter Inc. Its first manufacturing facility will open in India in 2024. 

    January 2024 Perspectives
  • Headshot of Tré Cotten

    For Dialect Coach, Every Voice is Unique

    As a dialect coach, Tré Cotten (MFA, 2017, Acting) has gained national attention for his ability to help actors bring authenticity to their characters. 

    January 2024 Perspectives
  • Alex Minami with Seattle Opera sign on the wall behind him

    Building Connections Through Opera

    Lokela Alexander Minami (BA, 2010; MA, 2012) turned a lifelong passion for opera into a career that introduces others to the art form.

    January 2024 Perspectives
  • Marshall Baker standing next to a chalkboard with physics notations

    Still Fascinated by Physics

    "The questions are long-term questions," emeritus professor Marshall Baker says of his theoretical physics, which he is still pursuing at age 91. 

    December 2023 Perspectives
  • Illustration showing backs of heads of students listening to live music, represented as bright colors and musical notes

    A Concert Course Reimagined

    Professor Mark Rodgers has reimagined "The Concert Season," a course to familiarize students with jazz and classical music performances. Students can now personalize the course to fit their interests. 

    December 2023 Perspectives
  • Ghanaians waiting in line to vote.

    Voting in Emerging Democracies, Despite the Challenges

    Political Science professor James Long studies why many voters choose to participate in elections in emerging democracies despite the considerable personal cost.

    November 2023 Perspectives