• Annah Mwendar-Chaba in a summer dress

    At Home in the Foreign Service

    As a Foreign Service Officer, international studies alumna Annah Mwendar-Chaba is exploring new places — and languages. 

    January 2022 Perspectives
  • Andrew Glass headshot

    Ancient Languages, New Technology

    His knowledge of ancient languages led Andrew Glass (2006) to a specialized technology job at Microsoft. 

    January 2022 Perspectives
  • Danni Lin holding glass of red wine

    A Perfect Pairing: Wine & Statistics

    Danni Lin (2011, 2013) finds her statistics and computational finance & risk management degrees helpful as a wine entrepreneur in the US and China. 

    January 2022 Perspectives
  • Adam Kingman headshot

    A Designer Reflects on "Making It"

    Industrial design alum Adam Kingman demonstrated skill and creativity on the TV show Making It.

    January 2022 Perspectives
  • Olivia Orosco on campus.

    Desafíos de COVID para cuidadoras

    A través de testimonios, la estudiante de posgrado Olivia Orosco exploró la experiencia COVID de las cuidadoras Latinas.

    December 2021 Perspectives
  • Colorful illustration of a caregiver.

    COVID Challenges for Caregivers

    Through testimonios, graduate student Olivia Orosco explored the COVID experience of Latinx caregivers. 

    December 2021 Perspectives
  • wrapped present with a red bow

    A Gift to Remember

    Arts & Sciences faculty, students, alumni, and donors describe a particularly memorable gift they have received. 

    December 2021 Perspectives
  • Illustration of white 1950s couple in neighborhood with "restricted neighborhood" sign.

    Home, Not-So-Sweet Home

    Students are searching home deeds in Washington state for racially restrictive covenants. Their findings are sobering. 

    December 2021 Perspectives
  • Aerial photo of the UW quad in autumn.

    Plants, Publications, & Other Recognition

    Recent awards and honors celebrate Arts & Sciences faculty and staff accomplishments in teaching, mentoring, research, and more. 

    November 2021 Perspectives
  • close up image of a circuit board

    Adventures in Cybersecurity

    Students in the Jackson School of International Studies delve into cybersecurity policy and its societal implications. 

    November 2021 Perspectives