• Markus Teuton playing guitar on stage

    Celebrating Contemporary Indigenous Music

    Markus Teuton, a musician and citizen of Cherokee Nation, explores contemporary Indigenous music through his academic work and as host of “Indigenous Jazz,” a radio show.

    June 2024 Perspectives
  • Sana Shetty with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

    Learning Hard Truths Through Internships

    UW senior Sana Shetty, interested in human rights law, has a more nuanced understanding of potential careers thanks to internships.

    June 2024 Perspectives
  • headshot of UW 2024 graduate Linda Allen

    Never Too Late to Graduate

    At age 83, Linda Allen is graduating from the UW College of Arts & Sciences with a degree in integrated social sciences. "It's never too late to follow a dream," she says.

    College of Arts & Sciences
  • portrait photo of Tisbe Rinehart on the UW campus

    Getting Personal About Wilderness

    UW senior Tisbe Rinehart, a wilderness guide for UW adventures, attended a wilderness therapy program as a teen — a difficult experience she explores in her CHID senior thesis.

    June 2024 Perspectives
  • Photo portrait of Edgar Quiroz Sanchez on UW campus

    A Voice for Undocumented Students

    Edgar Quiroz Sanchez, graduating with two bachelor's degrees, has been a powerful voice for the needs of undocumented students at the UW.

    May 2024 Perspectives
  • Taiko Aoki-Marcial and Cristina Sanchez-Martin standing with greenery behind them.

    Learning Through Storytelling

    Through a UW-led storytelling workshop and course, English language learners in the Seattle area strengthened their language skills and built community.

    May 2024 Perspectives
  • Illustration of a game board

    All the World's a Stage — and a Game

    Students in DRAMA 480 learn how techniques used in game design can be adapted for interactive theater productions. 

    May 2024 Perspectives
  • Students surround an Anatomage table, looking at a digitized image.

    The Impact of Anatomy Lessons

    Anatomy for Change, a program for students underrepresented in healthcare careers, provides opportunities to spend time in an anatomy lab.

    May 2024 Perspectives
  • An open hardcover book with more books in the background.

    Exploring Connections Through Global Literary Studies

    The UW's new Global Literary Studies major encourages students to explore literary traditions from around the globe and all eras of human history.

    April 2024 Perspectives
  • Starry sky above a glowing sunset

    What the Sky Teaches Us

    Brittany Kamai, an astrophysicist with knowledge of Pacific Islanders' Indigenous navigation using the sky, is teaching a new UW course, Pacific Indigenous Astrophysics.

    April 2024 Perspectives