• Simon Tran and other young leaders meeting with Barack Obama.

    Connecting with Obama

    Arts & Sciences alum Simon Tran says meeting with Barack Obama to discuss careers in public service was "easily the most surreal experience I've ever had."

  • Andrea Woody UW Divisional Dean of the social Sciences

    Andrea Woody Named Divisional Dean of the Social Sciences

    Woody, professor of philosophy, currently serves as chair of the Department of Philosophy.

  • Gabriel Solis University of Washington Divisional Dean of the Arts

    Gabriel Solis Named Divisional Dean of the Arts

    Solis comes from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and will join the UW on July 1.

  • UW President Ana Mari Cauce and Colleen McElroy

    Colleen McElroy Honored Through Room Dedication

    The CAS Dean’s Office conference room will now be named in honor of McElroy, the UW’s first full-time African American female faculty member.

  • Laada Bilaniuk head shot

    In Ukraine, Language is Political

    Ukraine's national language is Ukrainian, but many citizens grew up speaking Russian. Does that matter? Professor Laada Bilaniuk studies language and Ukrainian identity.

    May 2022 Perspectives
  • Ancient painting of people with different skin colors.

    In Classics, a Different Take on Race

    A new Classics course looks at conceptions of race in antiquity and how ancient racial categories “put the arbitrariness of race as we know it into relief.”

    May 2022 Perspectives
  • Film from UW professors explores a tree poacher, a wildfire, and a complicated story promo image

    Film from UW professors explores a tree poacher, a wildfire and a complicated story

    A few years ago, a tree poacher named Justin Wilke was charged with starting a forest fire while trying to steal a tree. The new documentary "The Maple Cutter" takes a deeper look. The UW's Lynn Thomas, professor of history, and Daniel Hoffman, professor of anthropology and of international studies, are interviewed.

  • How Bellevue’s tech hub is similar to Silicon Valley — and what they can learn from each other promo image

    How Bellevue’s tech hub is similar to Silicon Valley — and what they can learn from each other

    Comparing Silicon Valley and Seattle has become something of a regional pastime in the Pacific Northwest. But the comparison might be more accurate if directed a few miles east, across the shores of Lake Washington to where Bellevue skyrises are multiplying. Because historically speaking, the rise of the Eastside closely mirrors the trajectory of Silicon Valley’s San Jose. Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the UW, is quoted.

  • Young Leslie Jeanne Berns holding twins.

    Connecting through Challenges

    With a gift to Speech & Hearing Sciences, Lacey Berns is creating community for those caring for children facing communication challenges — and honoring her daughter.

    May 2022 Perspectives
  • The Everyday Creativity of Motherhood promo image

    Opinion: The everyday creativity of mothering

    “In recent years, the relationship between motherhood and work, including creative work, has clearly become a topic of interest — even more so since the pandemic has shined a light on the difficulties mothers face shouldering domestic tasks and child-rearing as they attempt to hold on to careers or simply earn enough to support their families — but much less attention has been paid to the essential creativity of mothering itself,” writes Maya Sonenberg, professor of English at the UW.

    Seattle Times