• 12,000-year-old Aboriginal sticks may be evidence of the oldest known culturally transmitted ritual in the world

    Aboriginal artifacts in Australia that were likely used for ritual spells may be evidence of the oldest culturally transmitted ritual on record. Ben Marwick, professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted.
    07/02/2024 | Live Science
  • A gold University of Washington medal on a ribbon

    Celebrating Excellence in Arts & Sciences in 2024

    This spring, the UW and the College of Arts & Sciences celebrated faculty, staff, and students for their many accomplishments. 

    July 2024 Perspectives
  • Students walking across the quad with colorful autumn trees

    Meet Our 2024 Graduate Medalists

    Meet the three students selected by the College of Arts & Sciences as 2024 Graduate Medalists for their accomplishments. 

    July 2024 Perspectives
  • How science went to the dogs (and cats)

    Pets were once dismissed as trivial scientific subjects. Today, companion animal science is hot. Daniel Promislow, professor of biology and of laboratory medicine and pathology at the UW, is quoted.
    07/01/2024 | The New York Times
  • headshot of Trey Causey

    Working Toward Responsible AI

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential tool at Indeed, a global job-matching and hiring platform. Trey Causey (2009) works to ensure that the company's AI promotes equity and fairness. 

    July 2024 Perspectives
  • An 'unmitigated disaster': Local political experts weigh in on first Trump-Biden debate

    U.S. President Joe Biden stumbled over his words repeatedly in his first presidential debate with former President Donald Trump leading up to the November election, and the Republican frontrunner responded to Biden’s verbal attacks with lies about his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection along with fibs about the economy. James Long, professor of political science at the UW, is quoted.
    06/28/2024 | The Spokesman-Review
  • New Faculty Spotlight: Oliver Rollins

    "I am a qualitative sociologist who works on issues of race/racism in and through science and technology. Specifically, my work is situated within a growing new area of inquiry, the sociology of the neurosciences." Oliver Rollins, assistant professor of American ethnic studies at the UW, is featured.

    06/28/2024 | UW Research
  • How Seattle Public Library's cyberattack impacts patrons, students

    Tutors, laptops, printers, audiobooks — all are affected by the district ransomware attack, and could take months to return to normal. Jessica Beyer, co-leader of the Cybersecurity Initiative in the UW Jackson School of International Studies, is quoted.
    06/26/2024 | Crosscut
  • Analysis: Journalism has become ground zero for the vocation crisis

    "Growing numbers of reporters and editors, tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop, are exiting the profession, citing burnout as the reason for their departure," writes Matthew Powers, associate professor of communications at the UW.
    06/25/2024 | The Conversation
  • UW quad with cherry trees blooming

    Four Students Shine as 2024 Dean's Medalists

    Meet the four new graduates honored as College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Medalists for 2024. 

    July 2024 Perspectives