• Speaking English with an accent is means for celebration, not exclusion

    In collaboration with the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee, award-winning poet and UW assistant professor Piotr Florczyk dedicated an event to the reading and discussion of poetry in Polish and English. Contributing writer Avery Cook dives into the importance of bilingual writing and writers.

    11/22/2023 | The Daily
  • Opinion: Welcome to the new economics of tipping

    "Why do you tip? And have your reasons for tipping changed lately? Is there less gratitude in the mix and more – shall we say – fear?" writes columnist Peter Coy. Anthony Gill, professor of political science at the UW, is quoted.

    11/21/2023 | The New York Times
  • Small UW study on alcohol, caffeine, sleep yields 'unexpected finding'

    UW researchers discovered an "unexpected finding" while studying the effects of alcohol and caffeine on sleep. Frank Song, a doctoral student of psychology at the UW, is quoted.
    11/21/2023 | The Seattle Times
  • How Microsoft's hiring of OpenAI's Altman could reshape AI development

    Following a dramatic departure of two key leaders from ChatGPT-maker OpenAI, Microsoft, a major investor in the startup, ended up a winner on Monday. The Redmond-based tech giant said Monday it was hiring former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and co-founder and former OpenAI President Greg Brockman, who left after Altman's ouster Friday, to lead an in-house AI innovation lab. Emily M. Bender, professor of linguistics at the UW, is quoted.
    11/21/2023 | The Seattle Times
  • College Launches Equity, Justice & Inclusion Fund

    With the creation of a new Equity, Justice & Inclusion fund, the College is putting resources behind its values. Under the leadership of Associate Dean Maya Smith, this new fund will foster faculty mentorship, curricular innovations, and more—all toward a vision of greater access and equity.

    11/20/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • How lockdowns affected teen brains

    Pandemic-related lockdowns were hard on everyone, but a growing body of research suggests they were especially hard on young people. Now a new study scanning adolescent brain seems to be backing some of those suspicions. Patricia Kuhl, professor of speech and hearing sciences at the UW and co-director of the UW Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, is interviewed. [This interview is part of a roundup and begins at 27:05]
    11/20/2023 | CBC Radio
  • Opinion: 'Translating' a Times article to reach new audiences

    "College freshmen read a New York Times Magazine piece about issues in education, then communicate what they learned by experimenting with audience and format," writes Megan Butler, a doctoral student of English at the UW.
    11/15/2023 | The New York Times
  • The Henry celebrates the ‘Godmother of Iranian cinema’

    Building upon the curriculum of the new course, “Cinema and Feminism in the Middle East”, the department of Middle Eastern languages and cultures and the Henry art gallery collaborated on film screenings from a renowned Iranian director. The films “[serve] as a window into a culture rich with history that is worth learning about”, according to writers Shireen Aryana and Madhavi Karthik.  

    11/14/2023 | Read More
  • UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences maintains No. 1 global ranking; more than two dozen UW subjects in top 50

    UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences maintains No. 1 global ranking; more than two dozen UW subjects in top 50

    Six University of Washington subjects ranked in the top 10, and atmospheric sciences maintained its position as No. 1 in the world on the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects list for 2023. The ranking, released at the end of October, was conducted by researchers at the ShanghaiRanking Consultancy, a fully independent organization dedicated to research on higher education intelligence and consultation.
    11/13/2023 | UW News
  • Analysis: Delhi air pollution and global climate policy slowdown

    "If a policy imposes costs locally to create benefits across the border, it is likely to run into local opposition. This is the story of Delhi's air pollution as well as the global slowdown in addressing climate issues," write the UW's Nives Dol?ak, professor of marine and environmental affairs, and Aseem Prakash, professor of political science.
    11/13/2023 | Forbes