• Pedro Caballero

    I am First-Generation: Pedro Caballero

    "My first-gen college experience has inspired my approach to my level of research, work, and connection with this campus along with students and faculty by encouraging me to always go above and beyond what is expected and become eager to learn new things at any moment." – Pedro Caballero, College of Arts & Sciences student majoring in both Political Science and Public Health.

    10/16/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Portraits of first generation UW students and alumni

    We are First-Generation: College of Arts & Sciences Students and Alumni

    In the College of Arts & Sciences, we are proud to celebrate our first-generation community through a collection of stories! We honor our students and alumni, and their many contributions to our university community and beyond.

    10/15/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Brandi Cossairt

    I am First-Generation: Brandi Cossairt

    "As a faculty member, my experience as a first-gen student ensures that I know how much potential is inside every student – even those that have not yet had their opportunity to shine. It helps me talk candidly to students when I see them struggling and helps me be more empathetic and effective as a mentor. I really believe and try to instill that hard work, curiosity, and passion can lead to success in academics." – Brandi Cossairt, College of Arts & Sciences Chemistry Faculty Member

    10/13/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Travis Finney

    I am First Generation: Travis Finney

    As a first-generation college graduate, my experience has had a profound impact on my approach to work and my connections with students and colleagues. I understand the unique challenges that first-gen students face, and I'm passionate about creating pathways for their success. I also feel a strong sense of kinship with colleagues who have similar backgrounds, and we share a deep commitment to supporting and empowering first-gen students.  - Travis Finney, Director of Development, College of Arts & Sciences

    10/12/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Reyna Smith

    I am First-Generation: Reyna Smith

    "Transferring does not have to be a difficult or scary time. Make sure you are using every resource given. If you don't know where to look, that is what your advisor is for. Success for you is success for all those who made the resources available to use." - Reyna Smith (B.S., Speech & Hearing Sciences, 2024)

    10/12/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Sara Smith

    I am First Generation: Sara Smith

    "To me, being a first-generation student means the ability to bring awareness to the only 3% of aged-out foster youth that go on to obtain a college degree. I aged out of foster care at 17 and college was something that felt unobtainable to me. By being a first-generation student, I can be a beacon of hope for foster youth, spread awareness about educational difficulties foster youth face, and break the cycle of trauma." - Sara Smith (B.S., Speech & Hearing Sciences, 2024)

    10/12/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Dean's Academy Futurists

    Thinking like a Futurist

    What tools are required in order to think productively about the future? What methods do we need to learn to structure futurist thinking, and what values will inform our visions of the future? How might we be able to identify a set of preferred futures, and then set about working towards their eventual realization?

    10/11/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Tasha Mosher

    I am First-Generation: Tasha Mosher

    "I would encourage first-gen students to never stop asking questions. I was often far too shy to do this during my undergraduate years. It took a long time to figure out how things worked and even longer to figure out how to succeed in academic spaces. There are UW employees whose sole role is to support you in this journey so find out who they are!" - Tasha Mosher, M.A. Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment

    10/11/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Audrey Mikal

    I am First-Generation: Audrey Mikal

    "First-generation students are pioneers. No one before us had the opportunity to do what we’re doing right now. It requires immense determination and resilience to continue moving forward into this wild unknown. Cultivate your support system, establish routines that nourish your mental, physical, and emotional health, and ask for help every time you need it. Remember: You are legitimate proof that anything is possible and you are worthy of success right now, as you are. Don't let anyone or anything keep you from achieving your dreams. You got this!" - Audrey Mikal (B.A., Sociology, 2025), Treasurer, First-Generation Leaders in Law 

    10/11/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • ways of knowing image

    Ways of Knowing: Podcast featuring Faculty from the UW College of Arts & Sciences

    “Ways of Knowing” is an eight-episode podcast connecting humanities research with current events and issues. This season features faculty from across the humanities as they explore race, immigration, history, the natural world – even comic books. Each episode analyzes a work, or an idea, and provides additional resources for learning more. 

    10/10/2023 | UW News