• La TaSha Levy on the UW campus

    For Black Republicans, A Dramatic Shift

    What it means to be Black and Republican has changed through the years. American Ethnic Studies professor La TaSha Levy is researching a period of dramatic change for Black Republicans. 

    November 2023 Perspectives
  • Aerial photo of the UW quad in autumn.

    Awards for Justice, Environmental Research & More

    Recent awards and appointments celebrate Arts & Sciences faculty research, leadership, and more. 

    November 2023 Perspectives
  • Kuroshio Odyssey: Maritime Memories, Culture, and Landscapes

    “Kuroshio Odyssey: Maritime Memories, Culture, and Landscapes” is a multipart exhibition blending Taiwanese Indigenous art, artifacts, writing, and cultural workshops. The exhibition started as part of UW doctoral candidate Margaret Yun-Pu Tu’s studies. The Burke Museum of Natural History is mentioned.

    The Daily UW
  • Seated man holding cellphone, with newspaper to his left

    Where Media and Politics Meet

    Where do you seek information about politics and elections? In this roundtable, three faculty in the UW Department of Communication discuss the role of media in creating an informed public.

    November 2023 Perspectives
  • "Like Google for the sky": Vera Rubin Observatory will map the universe with more detail than ever

    From dark matter to planet-crushing asteroids, four ways the telescope could alter our understanding of the universe. Mario Juri?, professor of astronomy at the UW, is quoted.
  • Tina Nguyễn on life since Husky 100, the importance of creativity, and building her empire

    Tina Nguyễn has dipped her toes into everything, graduating with a double degree in informatics and global studies and receiving the prestigious Gilman scholarship, all while continuously creating remarkable art. She sits down with writer Alexa Meyer to discuss what's next as one of UW’s best. Jackson School's Center for Global Studies is mentioned. 

    The Daily UW
  • Meet the 2023 Homecoming Scholars

    The UWAA is proud to honor six extraordinary students across the UW whose stories exemplify Husky adaptability, tenacity and resolve. Each student receives a scholarship and was recognized at the Homecoming football game on Sat. Oct. 21, 2023.

    UW Alumni Association
  • Your personal information is probably being used to train generative AI models

    Artists and writers are up in arms about generative artificial intelligence systems--understandably so. These machine learning models are only capable of pumping out images and text because they've been trained on mountains of real people's creative work, much of it copyrighted. Major AI developers including OpenAI, Meta and Stability AI now face multiple lawsuits on this. Emily M. Bender, professor of linguistics at the UW, is quoted.
    Scientific American
  • Opinion: To address climate crisis, address the information crisis

    "The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reported that 2023 is already the most expensive year on record for weather and climate disasters in the U.S., with 23 separate disasters that have caused at least $1 billion each in estimated damages," writes Adrienne Russell, professor of communication and co-director of the UW Center for Journalism, Media and Democracy.

    The Seattle Times
  • Kay Tomita Hashimoto on campus when she was a student at the UW in the late 40s-early 50s

    Kay Tomita Hashimoto's First-Generation Story Remembered

    Kay was and remains the ultimate role model for all of her children. Making her way through four years at the UW, graduating, and finding work in journalism in the late 40s and early 50s, only a few years after the end of WWII, were huge accomplishments and showed a lot of grit and determination. For her kids, what was most inspiring was that she never complained about the hurdles she encountered, but faced each day with positive focus.

    10/19/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences