Why study the Natural Sciences?

In the Natural Sciences Division, students can study everything from nanoparticles to living organisms to galaxies to differential equations, with opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research that advances science and technology. Through a broad Arts & Sciences education, students connect ideas across disciplines and tap into their creativity and curiosity.

Find Yourself in the Natural Sciences


Through the natural sciences, we investigate and understand ourselves, our world, and the universe. We also come to understand our place as individuals and as a species. Discoveries in the natural sciences, often emerging from basic research, transform society as they address everything from disease to global warming. Research plays a critical role in the division, with more than 400 natural sciences students participating in the University’s annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Natural sciences researchers generate more than $90 million in research grants annually. 

More About Art & Sciences Research


Close up of underside of octopus, showing suckers on limbs

A Sucker for Octopuses

Biology and psychology major Joey Ullmann’s  three passions — marine biology, the neural basis of behavior, and scuba diving — all came together in the UW Department of Psychology octopus lab, where he studied the behaviors of the elusive Pacific red octopus.

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What do Natural Sciences students do after graduating?

The natural sciences prepare the next generation of strategic and inquisitive thinkers. Alumni pursue a broad range of careers — from health care to conservation to education to finance. 


Faculty and student working on a research project.

In psychology, the universe of possibilities is endless. I wanted to pursue a psychology degree to go into the field of behavioral economics, analyzing consumer trends and investment.

Tim Tiasevanakul BS, Psychology and BA, Law, Societies and Justice, 2020
portrait of Tim Tiasevanakul

Alumni Career Paths

  • Research technician
  • Clinical program director
  • Portfolio analyst 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Mental health counselor
  • Nonprofit director
  • Educator 
  • Physician
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Physical therapist
  • Statistician
  • Environmental analyst
Female graduate student teaching in front of students

Natural Sciences programs

Whatever your interest, there’s a program in the Natural Sciences Division for you. 


  • Department of Applied Mathematics
    • B.S., Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences
    • B.S., Applied Mathematics
    • B.S., Computational Finance and Risk Management
    • M.S., Applied and Computational Mathematics
    • M.S., Applied Mathematics
    • M.S., Computational Finance and Risk Management
    • Ph.D., Applied Mathematics
    • Ph.D., Applied Mathematics: Advanced Data Science
  • Department of Astronomy
    • B.S., Astronomy
    • M.S., Astronomy
    • Ph.D., Astronomy
  • Department of Biology
    • B.A., Biology
    • B.S., Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation
    • B.S., Biology: General
    • B.S., Biology: Molecular, Cellular, and Develpmental
    • B.S., Biology: Physiology
    • B.S., Biology: Plant Biology
    • M.S., Biology
    • Ph.D., Biology
  • Department of Chemistry
    • B.A., Biochemistry
    • B.A., Chemistry
    • B.S., Biochemistry
    • B.S., Chemistry
    • B.S., Chemistry: ACS Certified
    • M.S., Applied Chemical Science and Technology
    • Ph.D., Chemistry
  • Department of Mathematics
    • B.A., Mathematics
    • B.A., Mathematics: Philosophy
    • B.A., Mathematics: Teacher Preparation
    • B.S., Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences
    • B.S., Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences: Data Science and Statistics
    • B.S., Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences: Discrete Mathematics and Algorithms
    • B.S., Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences: Mathematical Economics and Quantitative Finance
    • B.S., Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences: Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis
    • B.S., Mathematics
    • M.A., Mathematics
    • M.S., Mathematics
    • Ph.D., Mathematics
    • Ph.D., Mathematics: Advanced Data Science
  • Department of Physics
    • B.S., Physics
    • M.S., Physics
    • Ph.D., Physics
  • Department of Psychology
    • B.A., Psychology
    • B.S., Psychology
    • M.A., Applied Child & Adolescent Psychology: Prevention & Treatment
    • Ph.D., Psychology
    • Ph.D., Psychology: Advanced Data Science Option
    • Ph.D., Psychology: Clinical Psychology
    • Ph.D., Psychology: Data Science Option
  • Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences
    • B.S., Speech and Hearing Sciences
    • M.S., Clinical Research Speech-Language Pathology
    • M.S., Educational Speech-Language Pathology
    • M.S., Medical Speech-Language Pathology
    • Ph.D., Speech and Hearing Sciences
  • Department of Statistics
    • B.S., Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences
    • B.S., Statistics: Applied Statistics
    • B.S., Statistics: Data Science
    • B.S., Statistics: Mathematical Statistics
    • M.S., Data Science
    • M.S., Statistics
    • Ph.D., Statistics

Cool Courses

Dive into some of the exciting courses offered in the Natural Sciences. Faculty often develop classes that cross disciplines and apply a scientific lens to significant societal questions. 


Person on mountain, looking at the night sky.

The Planets

Learn about the planets in our solar system, with emphasis on recent space exploration and on the comparative evolution of the Earth and the other planets.


Teens sitting in a row, focused on their cellphones.

Digital Technology & Youth

Explore the impact of digital technology on teens' mental health in this Department of Psychology course.


Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West on the UW campus.

Calling Bullshit: Data Reasoning in a Digital World

Frustrated to see misleading information published as fact, professors Carl Bergstrom (Biology) and Jevin West (Information School) created a wildly popular course, "Calling Bullshit." 


Ready to dive into the Natural Sciences?

Take classes that will challenge and inspire you and conduct research alongside faculty who are experts in their fields. 


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Daniel Pollack


Scott Devenny



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