Chemistry student in dark lab with colorful vials lit up by UV light


Exploration in every field

As part of a leading research university, faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences push the boundaries of knowledge in areas from population health to social justice to digital humanities to the arts. Students have a wide range of opportunities to be part of this work, gaining skills they can apply to the real world. Our undergrads have declassified CIA documents for human rights cases, designed an adaptive Xbox controller for people who are missing a limb, helped preserve endangered languages, studied exoplanets and more. 

The College is also home to more than 30 interdisciplinary centers and has ties to many others, allowing scholars in diverse fields to collaborate on complex research questions. Arts & Sciences faculty generated more than $107 million in research funds through public and private grants during the most recent fiscal year. 


Research Projects & Initiatives

We’re conducting research that matters

From malaria treatment to solar energy to human rights, Arts & Sciences researchers tackle many of our society’s most pressing issues.


Jason O. Germany on campus

Rethinking the Ventilator

Industrial design professor Jason O. Germany was part of a team that designed a low-cost ventilator on short notice during the pandemic. 

Ivana Bozic headshot

Treating Cancer Through Math

What if math could detect, treat, and ultimately prevent cancer? Ivana Bozic, assistant professor of applied mathematics, wants to find out. 


Unlearning Poverty

In the Honors course "Abolishing Poverty," students untangle the interwoven complexities that lead to impoverishment.


Students on an anthropological dig excavating fossils.

Find yourself in research

Whether you want to excavate a T-Rex in Montana, search for signs of life in the universe, or identify new gene mutations in fruit flies, you can take your learning to a whole new level by participating in research. Plus, over 600 Arts & Sciences students present at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium each year.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

What will you discover?

Be a part of a community that provides a tremendous range of research opportunities for students. Alongside your peers and faculty, you can advance research and serve as a resource to the state, the region and the world.