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Engage in a dynamic study of how law and justice impact society

The Law, Societies, and Justice (LSJ) Department offers undergraduate students a dynamic and engaged interdisciplinary liberal arts education focused on law, rights, and justice. LSJ coursework analyzes the meaning of justice, the methods used in efforts to realize it, the politics of rights, and the complex roles that legal institutions play in structuring social life. Our faculty’s diverse social science expertise — including anthropology, geography, political science and sociology — provides students with multiple perspectives and contributes to internationally recognized research.  

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Undergraduate Programs

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5 Gates Public Service Law Scholars since 2015  


Our majors graduate with skills that can be applied to many professional roles — in addition to their subject matter knowledge of justice, law, and human and civil rights. Alumni currently work in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), law, policy, education, technology, and human rights. 

Career Paths

A law, societies and justice degree can lead to a career as a(n):

  • Attorney
  • Journalist 
  • Educator
  • Marketing specialist
  • Consultant
  • International program coordinator
  • Public policy analyst 
  • Public defender 
  • Community advocate
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View law, rights, and justice through a global lens

We encourage students to explore law, rights, and justice in multiple social contexts. Our study abroad programs and experiential learning opportunities give students the chance to learn about these issues in varied and new contexts. These experiences challenge preconceptions and deepen our understanding of our complex social world.

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Find Yourself in Law, Societies & Justice

Examine law, legal institutions, rights, and justice around the world. Explore how concepts of rights shape contemporary conflicts. 


Department of Law, Societies & Justice Stories

Sana Shetty with Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

Learning Hard Truths Through Internships

UW senior Sana Shetty, interested in human rights law, has a more nuanced understanding of potential careers thanks to internships.

Photo portrait of Edgar Quiroz Sanchez on UW campus

A Voice for Undocumented Students

Edgar Quiroz Sanchez, graduating with two bachelor's degrees, has been a powerful voice for the needs of undocumented students at the UW.


Unlearning Poverty

In the Honors course "Abolishing Poverty," students untangle the interwoven complexities that lead to impoverishment.