As we imagine the future of higher education, we also continue to improve how the College currently operates. During autumn quarter 2022, we invited the HuMetricsHSS team–a group dedicated to establishing humane indicators of excellence in academia–to visit our campus. These scholars led CAS chairs, directors, and faculty members in workshops focused on creating a values framework for the College and identifying areas where we are not living up to our values. Through this work, we have recognized a handful of priority projects for the College. Read more about the workshops and priority areas here.

Next quarter, we will launch a series of design charrettes that will bring groups together to address specific challenges facing the College. The design charrettes will be short bursts of creative problem solving scheduled throughout the academic year as a series of single-day retreats intended to generate solutions that will be recommended to the Dean. More information about the design charrettes and how to participate is forthcoming.

Guiding Principles

Through our values-focused work with the HuMetricsHSS team, the Dean's executive staff developed a set of Guiding Principles for the College. View them here.