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Through the study of language, literature, and culture, Humanities students explore the human experience from diverse perspectives.

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Why Study the Humanities?

Our students develop a global perspective and an understanding of diverse cultures that is essential in our increasingly connected world.  They learn to think critically and write expressively across media and genres. The Humanities Division values innovation and engagement, pushing boundaries in the digital humanities and embracing scholarship around issues of power and difference.


Hear from our Divisional Dean and faculty members about why you should study the Humanities at the UW:



Grecia Leal Pardo

UW senior, Classics and Drama major

"Classics has given me a framework for thinking about the world. It has given me the opportunity to study cultures different from ours but that also ended up as the roots of our own; to consider the past and how we perceive or interact with it; and to see those threads of shared humanity run throughout time."


Grecia Leal Pardo

Justin Roach

BA, Cinema and Media Studies, 2018

“The cinema studies major here is analytical — reading, writing, watching films — rather than production-based. I actually think that’s very necessary if you want a career in filmmaking. You’re looking at cinema from all time periods, all nations, a bunch of different directors, and with that knowledge you’re able to form your own style.”

Justin Roach

Anna Sulc

UW senior, French and Oceanography major

“Being a French major has given me proficiency in another language but has also let me become involved in the research of French history and literature with professors who have dedicated their lives to analyzing it. These opportunities have helped me develop a skill set that is relevant beyond the classroom. It is a small, welcoming major with faculty and staff who are very approachable and willing to help.”

Anna Sulc in a garden

Allison Dumitriu Carcoana

UW junior, Italian major

“Studying language can be valuable for anyone who goes into a career that involves communication with people. Working with languages gives you different perspectives. It opens your eyes the same way that travel does, and makes your mind malleable to understanding situations in different ways.”

Allison Dumitriu Carcoana

Matthew Moore

BA, English, 2008

“There’s the idea that if you get an English degree, what can you do with that? But having a background in English is useful in a broad variety of careers, including my field of game design, where you need to understand how stories fit together. I think most of us just have too narrow a perception of what an ‘English job’ is.”

Matthew Moore