Associate Dean for Educational Programs

Kevin Mihata smiling at camera

Kevin Mihata is Associate Dean for Educational Programs for the College of Arts and Sciences. He coordinates undergraduate education, advising, and curriculum across all four divisions of the College. He has been at UW for more than 25 years, completing his Ph.D. in Sociology before moving to the Dean’s office. He has taught courses in social psychology, culture, research methods, and Storytelling with Data, and launched the Sociology Practicum program, placing sociology majors in applied projects with external partners, including nonprofit organizations and government agencies.


Mihata is also the founding director of C21, the Arts and Sciences early career laboratory. C21 is redefining early career for liberal arts students, through experiences as diverse as study abroad in Spain and Japan, a liberal arts hackathon, and storytelling workshops. Current C21 programs include a pre-professional Externship with Microsoft and Amazon, a quarterly intensive Internship Bootcamp, and a first-of-its-kind, intern-powered startup called gesture.

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