Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Linda Nelson smiling at camera

Linda R. Nelson is the Associate Dean for Finance and Administration where she proudly leads the administrative functions of the College and oversees the College’s business office and shared services teams. She has been a visionary leader in establishing shared services at the University of Washington, and has worked steadfastly to prepare the College for the new age of Financial Transformation. Nelson has been a champion of systems thinking and is constantly seeking to thoughtfully drive common sense administrative efficiencies while providing strong, compassionate leadership throughout the operational areas within the College. She is the conductor who ensures that the College's train runs effectively and on-time. 


Nelson is a longtime member of the UW community, arriving in 1961 when her father joined the faculty in the Department of Chemistry. She joined the Dean’s Office as Director of Finance and Administration in August 2006 and has been a member of the UW’s staff since 1987. She is also a UW graduate, holding a Bachelor of Arts in English, and later earned a Masters of Library and Information Science from the University of Texas, Austin. She enjoys gardening and body building and earned her Professional International Body Building (IFBB) card in 2014. 

Assistant's Contact Information

Sarah Lindner
Phone Number: 685-8030
Staff Box Number: 353765