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The College's Other Pulitzer Cartoonist

Story by
Nancy Joseph

If David Horsey wants to compare notes with another editorial cartoonist who's won a Pulitzer Prize, he can turn to fellow A&S alumnus Mike Luckovich, `82, who nabbed the prize in 1995. Luckovich works at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and is internationally syndicated.

Mike Luckovich

Mike Luckovich.

Like Horsey, Luckovich honed his skills at The Daily, the UW student newspaper. "Every day I'd come home after class, spend three or four hours coming up with a cartoon idea, three to four more hours drawing it, and then would drive it back to The Dailythat same night," he recalls. This didn't give Luckovich much time for his regular homework, but, he says, "the poli sci courses were invaluable. They gave me the back-ground and authority I have now in analyzing events."

Michael Sande, '83, who was Daily editor when Luckovich was on staff, describes him as "an independent thinker. His cartoons always made you think."

They still do. In the cartoonist's Pulitzer Prize entry, his editor wrote, "[Luckovich's] responses to the important social issues of our day range from wickedly funny to deeply poignant to decidedly irreverent. But they are always right on the money."