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Test Your Knowledge of A&S Alumni

Story by
Nancy Joseph

In celebration of its 150th anniversary, the UW College of Arts and Sciences presented Timeless Awards in May to 150 of its distinguished alumni, from astronauts to actors to social activists. Among the honorees are familiar names, future leaders, and a whole lot of creative thinkers.

Try your hand at our Timeless Quiz to see how much you know about the College’s best and brightest. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers.

Jean Smart

1. Actress Jean Smart (BFA, Drama, 1974) has earned 3 Primetime Emmys and another 3 nominations for her work in television. Which of the following roles did not garner an Emmy nomination or win?

a. Samantha Who?

b. 24

b. Frasier

d. Designing Women

e. The District

Hope Solo

2. Soccer star Hope Solo (BA, Communication, 2003) is headed to the 2012 Olympics as goalkeeper for the US Women’s National Soccer Team. What activity off the soccer field had her in the news last year?

a. Spokesperson for UNICEF

b. Contestant on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”

c. Guest host on “Live! with Kelly”

d. Signed and donated 2,000 soccer balls in two days to promote youth soccer

e. All of the above

Dale Chihuly

3. Glass artist Dale Chihuly (BFA, Art, 1965), whose Chihuly Garden and Glass opened at Seattle Center in May 2012, has had work exhibited all over the world. In which of the following cities has Chihuly not had a public art installation?

a. Adelaide, Australia

b. Seoul, Korea

c. Barcelona, Spain

d. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

e. There have been Chihuly installations in all of these cities

Ed Viesturs

4. Ed Viesturs (BS, Zoology, 1981), the first American to climb all fourteen of the world’s 8000-meter peaks without supplemental oxygen, first climbed Mt. Rainier as a UW undergraduate. How many times has he climbed Mt. Rainier?

a. 61

b. 107

c. 169

d. 208

Linda Buck

5. Linda Buck (BS, Psychology, Microbiology, 1975) won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in2004 . What groundbreaking research led to this honor?

a. Identifying how the malaria virus mutates

b. Defining how the sense of smell works

c. Developing a technique to improve outcomes in organ transplantation

d. Understanding how alcohol acts on the developing brain in utero

Bryan Monroe

6. Bryan Monroe (BA, Communications, 1987), editor of and past president of the National Association of Black Journalists, can claim which of the following?

a. First interview with Barack Obama after his 2008 victory

b. Last major interview with pop icon Michael Jackson before his death

c. Award-winning coverage of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi

d. All of the above

National Book Award Logo

7. Which of the following A&S authors received a National Book Award?

a. Timothy Egan (BA, Communications)

b. Ivan Doig (PhD, History, 1969)

c. Bruce Barcott (BA, Philosophy, 1988)

d. David Horsey (BA, Communications,1976)

e. David Guterson (BA, MA, English, 1978, 1982)

Arthur Levinson

8. Arthur Levinson (BA, Biology, 1972), chairman of biotech firm Genentech since 1999, is currently taking on what other role?

a. Chairman, Apple Inc.

b. Chairman, National Science Board, National Science Foundation

c. Board member, University of Washington Hospital and Medical Center

d. Co-owner, Mossy Point Vineyard

e. All of the above

Janet Kavandi

9. Astronaut Janet Kavandi (PhD, Chemistry, 1990) has been on three NASA missions, in 1998, 2000, and 2001. How many frequent flier miles would those trips earn her?

a. 4 million miles

b. 13 million miles

c. 26 million miles

d. 66 million miles

Gary Gayton

10. Seattle attorney Gary Gayton (BA, Political Science, 1955) was the first African American do which of the following?

a. Serve as student body president of his Seattle high school

b. Serve as captain of a varsity sport at the University of Washington

c. Serve as an assistant UW attorney in western Washington

d. All of the above

Sonny Sixkiller

11. After leading the UW to three winning seasons as the Huskies’ starting quarterback in the 1970s, Sonny Sixkiller (BA, General Studies, 1974) received what recognition?

a. Named to State of Washington Hall of Fame

b. Cover photo in Sports Illustrated magazine

c. Dinner at the White House with President Nixon

d. All of the above

Luly Yang

12. Noted fashion designer Luly Yang (BA, Graphic Design, 1990), named Best Couture Designer by Seattle Bride Magazine for eight consecutive years, held what job during her UW years?

a. Tour guide for prospective students

b. Cashier in the HUB dining hall

c. Aerobics instructor at the IMA

d. Seamstress in the School of Drama’s costume shop

13. Which of the following A&S alumni has served the most consecutive terms in political office?

a. Christine Gregoire, Washington Governor (BA, Sociology, Speech Communication, 1969)

b. Helen Sommers, Retired Washington State Representative (BA, MA, Economics, 1969, 1970)

c. Dow Constantine, King County Executive (BA, Political Science, 1985; JD, 1989; MA, Urban Planning, 1992)

d. Norm Dicks, US Representative (BA, Political Science, 1963; JD, 1968)

e. Norm Rice, Former Seattle Mayor (BA, Communications, 1972; MPA, Public Affairs, 1974)


1-d,    2-b,    3-c,    4-c,    5-b,    6-d,    7-a,    8-a,    9-b,    10-d,    11-b,    12-c,    13-b