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CAS in the News

Here's a sampling  of recent news stories in local and national media featuring College of Arts & Sciences faculty and staff:


Mosquito feeding on orchid nectar.
Why orchids could be the future of mosquito repellents

Jeffrey Riffell, professor of biology explains how new research shows that orchids could be used as mosquito repellent. Source: New Atlas 


The Duwamish people were here first. Should Seattleites pay them rent?

Joshua Reid, history professor, discusses the "Real Rent Duwamish" project and the history of the US breaking treaties with Indigenous people. Source: The Seattle Times


Community-based counselors help mitigate grief, stress among children orphaned in East Africa

Shannon Dorsey, psychology professor, is the lead author of a study on how cognitive behavioral therapy can help children in low-income countries recover from traumatic events. Source: UW News 


Opinion: Why the US-Iran conflict isn't driving oil prices higher – and why it probably should

Jackson School lecturer Scott Montgomery analyzes how the US-Iran conflict is affecting oil prices. Source: The Conversation


Henry Art Gallery exhibition shows why its senior curator is kind of a big deal in the contemporary art world

The Henry Art Gallery's new exhibition, "In Plain Sight," highlights the work of senior curator Shamim Momin and her approach to storytelling through curation. Source: Seattle Times


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