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Grade school class standing at front of classroom

State Rep. Melanie Morgan, D-Parkland, poses with then-4th-grade students at Elmhurst Elementary during the last school year. They and teacher Amy Cole, at right, are hoping to get the Suciasaurus named Washington's official state dinosaur. Media credit: Amy Cole / Elmhurst Elementary School


Here's a sampling of recent news stories in local and national media featuring College of Arts & Sciences faculty and staff:


80 million years in the making: Local kids hope Washington designates official dinosaur

A group of Washington elementary school students are lobbying for Washington to declare a Burke Museum specimen as the state dinosaur. Source: KNKX


UW selected for 2020 Carnegie Foundation Community Engagement Classification

The University of Washington has been recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for partnering with — and learning from — local communities to tackle issues that matter. Source: UW News


Troll Watch: Misinformation Around The Coronavirus

Carl Bergstrom, biology professor, discusses the spread of misinformation about the coronavirus. Source: NPR


Raising awareness about mental health, one broken heart at a time

UW Comparative History of Ideas senior Race Porter discusses his apparel company, HOMS, and how he's using it to advocate for mental health. Source: The Seattle Times


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