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CAS in the News

Here's a sampling of recent news stories in local and national media featuring College of Arts & Sciences faculty:


The Coronavirus Could Rewrite the Rules for Silicon Valley

History Professor Margaret O'Mara looks back at the automobile industry's response to the Great Depression to predict how the coronavirus will effect big tech players. Source: The New York Times 


Why the Coronavirus is so Confusing

Carl Bergstrom, professor of biology, and other scientists provide a comprehensive explanation of COVID-19 and how to make sense of the current crisis. Source: The Atlantic


We Should Never Have to Vote in Person Again

Jacob Grumbach, assistant professor of political science, co-authors an op-ed explaining why mail-in votes should be made legal and mandatory in all states. Source: The New York Times


Social Isolation Challenges Seattle’s ‘Resilient’ Mental Health

Jonathan Kanter, associate professor of psychology, and Adam Kuczynski, graduate student in psychology, say most people are adapting to social distancing but that could change. Source: Crosscut


‘Ethnic Spaces’ Make Minority Students Feel at Home on Campus

Psychology Professor Sapna Cheryan’s research shows how dedicated "ethnic spaces" make minority students feel more welcome at universities. Source: UW News


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