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Cool Courses for Winter 2021

October 2020
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As you start thinking about winter quarter 2021 course registration, check out these unique Arts & Sciences offerings. They’re open to all students, have no prerequisites, and fulfill Areas of Knowledge requirements as noted.


George Lucas during Star Wars production

CMS 270A: New Hollywood
(listed as Perspectives on Film: Introduction)
Learn about New Hollywood cinema, including its origins and development from the 1960s through 1980s, the new model of film production that emerged after the decline of the classical studio system, and the artistic experiments that made this such a crucial period in American cinema.
James Tweedie, Cinema & Media Studies
5 credits. VLPA.


Native American painting of woman with flowing hair

AIS 375: American Indian and Indigenous Mythologies
(listed as Special Topics in American Indian and Indigenous Studies)

In this class you will read stories, listen to stories, tell stories, and reflect on the meanings, powers, and purposes of oral narratives in the context of today’s world.
Chris Teuton, American Indian Studies
5 credits. I&S.


Drop of water into a drinking glass

FRENCH 228/CHID 270/LIT 228: The Water Crisis in Literature and Film
How has water's meaning changed as people become more conscious of risks in supply and access? Explore texts and other media from Europe, Africa, and the Americas that address the water crisis and reflect on the variety of aesthetic, cultural, and political responses to it. Taught in English.
Richard Watts, French & Italian Studies
5 credits. I&S, VLPA.


cartoon figure with laptop head, surrounded by computer screens

HSTAA 317: History of the Digital Age
Learn about the rise of the computer and its relationship to American political, economic, and social systems from the 1940s to today, providing a historical perspective for current debates on digital technology.
Margaret O’Mara, History
5 credits. I&S.



Posted notice for Japanese internment

AAS 372: American Internment and Incarceration: Race, Discrimination, and Power
Explore the racial animus, failure of political leadership, and war hysteria during World War II that resulted in Japanese Americans being incarcerated into American concentration camps.
Vincent Schleitwiler, American Ethnic Studies
5 credits. DIV, I&S.



Female actor against black background in a School of Drama production

DRA 251: Acting
In this fun and interactive online course, you’ll practice basic techniques of acting — including listening, observing, staying present, and pursuing your objective — through monologue work.
Scott Hafso, Drama
5 credits. VLPA.





GWSS 315: Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Medicine: From the Plantation to the Clinic
What role has medicine played in social orientations to race, gender, and sexuality? Through an interdisciplinary humanities-based approach, explore the intersection of gender, race, and medicine, including scientific constructions of race, gender, and sexuality.
Bettina Judd, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
5 credits; DIV, I&S


LING 234: Language & Diversity 
Raise your awareness of diversity... in language. Examine multiculturalism, language spread, language loss, and language and identity.
Alicia Wassink, Linguistics
5 credits, DIV, I&S


Dancers demonstrating dances, from a old dance poster

DANCE 345: Boogie, Break, Blues: American Popular & Social Dance Histories
(listed as Contemporary Dance History)
From the tango to twerking, the watusi to wacking, investigate how popular dance is an ever-changing reflection of cultural, social, and political ideals and debates of its time.
Juliet McMains, Dance
3 credits. I&S, VLPA.



Protestor holding up sign "Nos Estan Desapareciendo"

HSTLAC 280: Drug Wars in Latin America
How have regional and global politics and economics led some mood-altering substances to be legal while others have been criminalized throughout history? Learn how drug production and arrests in Latin America are related to race, class, and gender.
Ileana Rodriguez-Silva, History
5 credits. DIV, I&S.



DESIGN 250: Visualizing Ideas: Graphic Design for Non-Designers
Visual presentation matters. Learn the basics of visual communication, including the creative process, fundamentals of composition, typography, color theory, and image-making — concepts that you can apply to your own resume, presentation deck, or poster.
Annabelle Gould, Visual Communication Design
3 credits. VLPA.


ENGL 316: Home Leavings & Home Comings in Diasporic Global Fiction
Through literature written by immigrants or the children of immigrants from the Caribbean, South Asia, and Africa now living in other parts of the world, the class will explore what is involved in leaving a home and making a home elsewhere, and what it means to belong.
Anu Taranath (English, Comparative History of Ideas)
5 credits. DIV, VLPA.


illustration from Scandinavian mythology

SCAND 330: Scandinavian Mythology
Examine texts concerning the old gods and heroes of Scandinavia. This course will emphasize intercultural exchange and dismanting the illusion of homogeneity across religious traditions.
Lauren Poyer, Scandinavian Studies
5 credits. VLPA.


Husky football players during a game

CLAS 324: Greek and Roman Athletics (and College Football!)
With a focus on Greek athletes, Roman gladiators, the modern Olympics, and college football, this course focuses on the tolerance of violent spectacle and the systemic marginalization of athletes — then and now — based on status, ethnicity, and gender.
Sarah Stroup, Classics
5 credits. I&S.


Portrait drawings in Korean comics

KOREAN 360A: Evolution & Themes In Korean Comics
(listed as Topics in Korean Literature and Culture)
This course examines themes within Korean comics (manhwa), from political cartoons to modern graphic novels and animation. Explore how and why Korean comics have been influenced by Japanese manga and U.S. comics and have contributed toward the Korean wave. Korean proficiency not required.
Emily Hall, Asian Languages & Literature
5 credits. VLPA.