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CAS in the News

Here's a small sampling of recent news stories in local and national media featuring College of Arts & Sciences faculty or programs.


Alexes Harris portrait

Professor Alexes Harris, guest editor of UW' Viewpoint Magazine.

I won’t stop lifting up our voices

Alexes Harris, professor of sociology and University of Washington Presidential Term Professor, served as guest editor of a “Black Voices” issue of UW’s Viewpoint Magazine. “Institutions move slowly,” she wrote in her Editor’s Letter. “But we are at a moment for change and we need to apply and support constant pressure and expect certain outcomes.” Source: Viewpoint Magazine


How the Nordic concept of friluftsliv  —  outdoor life  —  could help the Pacific Northwest get through this COVID winter

Andy Meyer, lecturer in the Department of Scandinavian Studies, explains friluftsliv, the Nordic concept of spending time outdoors in all seasons, and how it is integral to Nordic society. Source: The Seattle Times


Models show how COVID-19 cuts a neighborhood path

A research team led by UC Irvine and the University of Washington has created a new model of coronavirus diffusion through a community, to simulate at a more detailed level both where and how quickly the coronavirus could spread through Seattle and 18 other major cities. Source: UW News


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