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CAS in the News

Here's a small sampling of recent news stories in local and national media featuring College of Arts & Sciences faculty or programs.


Photo of an octopus, showing suckers on its underside
How do octopuses experience the world?

An octopus has more neurons in its arms than in its head. It’s difficult to imagine how they perceive the world, but what shines through for those who study them is “their curiosity, their interest in activity, their memory, their personality, their moodiness,” says Dominic Sitivilli, a UW doctoral student in psychology and astrobiology. Source: Discover Magazine


Opinion: The GOP and the future of democracy in America

W. Lance Bennett, UW professor emeritus of political science, and George Washington University’s Steven Livingston discuss the Republican gains in the November election and how conservative political parties evolve. Source: The Boston Globe 


How a police contact by middle school leads to different outcomes for Black, white youth

According to a new study, being stopped by police in middle school can lead to different criminal-justice paths later, depending on the child’s race. Annie McGlynn-Wright, a postdoctoral fellow at Tulane University, led the study while pursuing her doctorate at the UW. Robert Crutchfield, UW professor emeritus of sociology, Martie Skinner, research scientist in the Social Development Research Group, and Kevin Haggerty, UW professor of social work, are co-authors. Source: UW News


While Armenia and Azerbaijan fought over Nagorno-Karabakh, their citizens battled on social media

Social media played a significant role in the way that Armenians and Azerbaijanis experienced this year’s brief war, with activity on social media providing leaders with instant public opinion that informed decisions, writes Katy Pearce, UW associate professor of communication. Source: The Washington Post


UW receives $1.8 million from Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in support of Taiwan Studies   

The Taiwan Studies Program of the Jackson School of International Studies has received a generous sum from the Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Source: Jackson School

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