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Staying Sane in a COVID World

December 2020

Wondering how to relax despite the stress of finals and COVID? College of Arts & Sciences students share their go-to activities during this challenging time. Compiled by UW sophomore Lillian Williamson.


Kiran Singh headshot

Connecting Online

"I'm keeping sane by taking advantage of remote engagement opportunities. I can still FaceTime my family abroad, host Among Us parties with friends, check out digital books from my local library, and enjoy virtual lectures/panels while staying safe and healthy." — Kiran Singh, senior, Political Science major


Ian Rain-Water headshot

Playing Video Games — with a Conscience

"I've been playing video games and working with some fighting video game tournament organizers to help investigate and prevent sexual harassment in the fighting game community." — Ian Rain-Water, sophomore, Physics major


Frankie Perry

Finding the Upside of COVID Tests

"Walking with friends to get a COVID test always eases anxiety and makes me feel like I accomplished something that day. I go to Husky Coronavirus Testing behind the HUB. It's a beautiful walk and about a mile from my house so it's a nice loop." — Frankie Perry, senior, Psychology major


Zoe Waters headshot

Dancing Solo

"I have made it a quarantine hobby of mine to blast music and have a one-person dance party at least once a day. I'm also still trying to find ways to make friends in my first year of college safely. My main way of socializing with people is picking up boba from the Ave and walking around the UW campus, six feet apart."  — Zoë Eloïse Waters, freshman, Drama Performance premajor


Natsuho Arakawa, masked, in the gym

Embracing the Racquet

"I practice tennis almost every day to stay fit not just physically but mentally! Tennis keeps me looking forward for positivity. I love to sweat and run around chasing the tennis ball without having to deal with worries outside of the tennis court." — Natsuho Arakawa, senior, French major


Julien Tsang

Cooking Treats, Burning Calories

"I have been taking relaxing walks around campus, and embracing my inner chef. I have made cookies, banana bread, lasagna, enchiladas, and chicken parmesan. It is fun and the outcome is usually delicious!" — Julien Tsang, senior, Music Performance major


Francis Lillian

Saddling Up

"I love riding horses. The open trails are the perfect antidote for lockdown fever. Clear air and open land are so rare even in non-COVID life, so after months of being locked in a house, breathing in the natural world is heart-stopping. I've also started writing a novel!" — Francis Lillian, sophomore, Computer Science major, Classics major


Anna Horner piloting a plane

Gaining Altitude

"I just got my private pilot's license and am working on my instrument rating (so I can fly through clouds) next! One of my roommates is a student pilot, so when we have free time we like to fly over downtown and the UW campus or fly up to Friday Harbor for lunch." — Anna Horner, sophomore, Biology and Spanish premajor


Wendi Zhou

Reading & Weeding

“I usually do a lot of reading with books checked out from the library. It's a bit difficult now, but I also try to find time to catch up with friends from both UW and high school via phone or Zoom. Other times I help my mom with her vegetable garden, which she started during the early days of the pandemic." — Wendi Zhou, sophomore, History and Philosophy double major


Oliver Tjalve

Connecting in Denmark

“Currently, I’m in Denmark. I needed to stay three months eventually to keep my Danish citizenship, so with online classes, this seemed like the best time. Denmark is also struggling with COVID-19, so I've been spending time with my family and keeping in touch with my friends in Seattle with lots of calls." — Oliver Tjalve, junior, Statistics major