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CAS in the News

Here's a small sampling of recent news stories in local and national media featuring College of Arts & Sciences faculty or programs.


‘This has not happened before’: Tech historian on Trump, social media, and an unprecedented moment in American history

Twitter’s decision to join Facebook in permanently suspending President Trump’s account underscored the fundamental role of social media in one of the most tumultuous periods in American history. If it feels strange and unusual, that’s because there’s no historical precedent in the media or the presidency, says UW professor of history Margaret O’Mara. Source: GeekWire podcast


For each of the Burke Museum’s 18,000,000+ artifacts, there’s a story that helps us understand our world a little better
Kwakwaka’wakw mask at the Burke 

The Burke’s artifacts range from the skeleton of a giant, extinct sloth to the 9 million fish eggs and larvae that probably form the largest such collection in the world. The pandemic has temporarily closed the museum, but the Burke’s experts are still ready to share their enthusiasm. Source: Pacific NW Magazine


How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

Whether you want to run a marathon, eat more healthfully, or just get off the couch a little more, “for the majority of people, setting a goal is one of the most useful behavior change mechanisms for enhancing performance,” says Frank Smoll, UW professor of psychology. Goal-setting strategies will help you stay the course. Source: Time


Executions don’t deter murder, despite the Trump administration’s push

“Death penalty advocates most frequently focus on deterrence [as a justification for the death penalty] — but as research including my own work shows, it has not been shown to be effective,” writes David Barash, UW professor emeritus of psychology. Source: The Conversation


Six unique majors that may not be on your radar

Learn about majors you may not have considered, from classics to dance to anthropology, in the Husky Major Guide 2021. Also in the guide are articles about majoring in Cinema and Media Studies, American Ethnic Studies, and English. Source: Husky Major Guide 2021


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