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Here's a small sampling of recent news stories in local and national media featuring College of Arts & Sciences faculty or programs.


Steve Herbert headshot

Steve Herbert, the Mark Torrance Professor of Law, Societies and Justice.

‘Making Amends’ podcast explores remorse, intention among men at Oregon prison

Steve Herbert, the Mark Torrance Professor of Law, Societies and Justice, explains the intention and process behind his new podcast, Making Amends, in which he speaks to men at an Oregon prison about their crimes and remorse. Source: UW News 


Decentralizing art museums: The Henry’s museum guide internship spurs active community engagement

Students share their experience with the ART 496 museum guide program, a year-long paid internship at the Henry Art Gallery. Source: The Daily


Why it's hard for adults to learn a second language

Brianna Yamasaki, UW PhD student in psychology, explains why adults can have a harder time learning a new language. Source: The National Herald (republished from The Conversation)


skyline with plume of emissions rising from building
Limiting warming to 2 C requires emissions reductions 80% above Paris Agreement targets

Adrian Raftery, UW professor of statistics, and Peiran Liu, UW doctoral student in statistics, have co-authored a new study that found that the planet has a less than 5% chance of staying within the goal of 2 degrees Celsius warming this century. Source: UW News


The ethics of augmenting your brain and body

UW scientists are pioneering novel technology to help ailments of the brain and nervous system. Sara Goering, UW professor of philosophy, and Chet Moritz, UW associate professor of rehabilitation medicine and of electrical and computer engineering, discuss the ethical concerns of neurotechnology. Source: KUOW


Skirting death by implicit bias at the doctor's office

“A couple of years ago racism almost killed the love of my life, my husband, the father of our two children. The attempted murder didn’t come about through police violence or Karens trying to regulate his use of public space. Instead it came through the hands of the very people who should be improving the quality of his life: his doctors,” writes Ralina Joseph, UW professor of communication. Source: South Seattle Emerald


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