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CAS in the News

Here's a small sampling of recent news stories in local and national media featuring College of Arts & Sciences faculty or programs.


Professor discusses what might be to come in Myanmar

Mary Callahan, associate professor in the UW Jackson School of International Studies, is interviewed about the conflict in Myanmar, following her recent departure from the country. Source: NPR


A round structure -- the storage-ring magnet used for the g − 2 experiment at Fermilab -- fills a cavernous room.

The storage-ring magnet used in the experiment at Fermilab  Media credit: Reidar Hahn/Fermilab

Is the standard model broken? Physicists cheer major muon result

An experiment has confirmed an earlier finding that the particles — massive, unstable cousins of the electron — are more magnetic than researchers originally expected. If the results hold up, they could ultimately force major changes in theoretical physics and reveal the existence of completely new fundamental particles. Physics doctoral student Brynn MacCoy is quoted. Source: Nature


New AI composes songs from silent performance video

A UW team has been closing in on a way to automate a fully expressive musical performance using their AI tool called “Audeo.” Eli Shlizerman, assistant professor of applied mathematics and electrical and computer engineering, is interviewed. Source: Science Friday


Jazz appreciation month: Defining a music genre that’s always changing

Jazz is a music based on improvisation and evolution. Describing what jazz is can be a difficult proposition. Michael Brockman, artist in residence at the UW School of Music and co-artistic director of Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra is interviewed. Source: KNKX


How to manage back-to-school anxiety for students returning to classrooms

Students across western Washington are returning to the classroom. After a year of isolation, mental health experts say some students may be struggling with the idea of heading back to school. Jane Simoni, UW professor of psychology, is interviewed. Source: KING 5

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