• Alanna Sholokhova

    Adapting to Graduate School: An Evolutionary Perspective

    Applied Mathematics PhD student Alanna Sholokhova sees parallels between evolutionary biology and adapting to grad school. 

    October 2021 Perspectives
  • Jason O. Germany on campus

    Rethinking the Ventilator

    Industrial design professor Jason O. Germany was part of a team that designed a low-cost ventilator on short notice during the pandemic. 

    September 2021 Perspectives
  • Dawg Daze Digest

    Dawg Daze is one of the University of Washington’s longest-standing traditions, with more than 250 events from more than 60 student organizations and UW departments. Kick off the fall quarter and celebrate a return to campus with these can’t-miss recommendations from the College of Arts & Sciences!

  • What to do this Autumn

    As we return to in-person learning this fall, make connections and explore these opportunities on and off campus. Read on for student perks, community discounts, must-see events and more!

  • Mosaic of Odysseus' journey

    Launching a Humanities Journey

    Humanities First, a new program for first year students, celebrates the humanities and their role in society.  

    September 2021 Perspectives
  • Collage of work by Arts & Sciences faculty, students and alumni related to Hispanic Heritage Month

    Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

    Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month this September 15 through October 15 by exploring work by College of Arts & Sciences faculty, students and alumni.

    September 2021 Perspectives
  • Two new UW partnerships funded by NSF seed grants

    UW will work with UCF and UHawai'i over the next three years to build STEM career pathways for underserved Hispanic, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students.

    Department of Chemistry
  • Scientists are racing to unravel the pandemic’s toll on kids’ brains

    Liliana Lengua, professor of psychology, and Andrew Meltzoff, professor of psychology and co-director of the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, discuss the impact of the pandemic on children's mental health and development.

    The Seattle Times
  • Your guide to in-person classes

    Catherine Cole, the divisional dean of the arts and a professor of English and dance, discusses her teaching philosophy as the UW returns to in-person classes.

    The Daily
  • The Technology to Reach Net Zero Carbon Emissions Isn’t Ready for Prime Time, But ...

    Daniel Schwartz, professor of chemical engineering at the UW and director of the UW Clean Energy Institute, is the author of this article explaining the process of developing greener technologies and the supports that are needed.

    Scientific American