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Influencing Environmental Policy through Penguin Research
February 13, 2012
Biology professors Dee Boersma and Sam Wasser are building public awareness and altering international policies to preserve wildlife. Their focus and approach are highly specialized but both have managed to educate others about the cost of human consumption. Maintaining biodiversity is no easy task, yet they embrace the idea that the world can change one person at a time. Read More
Nelson Bentley
January 3, 2012
Two stories about the Castalia Reading Series, 20 years apart. Read More
January 1, 2012
Math Circles, led weekly by UW students, introduce middle school students to the joys of mathematics. "You have captured the fire in my child!" comments one parent, impressed by the program. Read More
Luly Yang
November 9, 2011
Fashion designer and UW alumna Luly Yang designed a special window display to show her Husky pride on W Day. Read More
Gillian Harkins (left) and Anne Dwyer
November 2, 2011
Philip Howard (right) and another election  observer pose for a photo in their official vests.
November 1, 2011
Jennifer Stuller
November 1, 2011
Rachael Faust and Curt Labitzke. Photo by Danielle Comeaux.
November 1, 2011