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The “Arts + Sciences=” video series highlights some of the most interesting and exciting collaborations happening within the College of Arts & Sciences.

Every day our faculty, staff, students, and alumni do work that makes the College a dynamic hub on campus and a flagship institution for public scholarship. More than 28,000 students have access to a leading-edge experience where timeless academic tradition meets new professional skill sets and real-world problems.  Our focus on interdisciplinary education ensure students become critical thinkers, leaders and citizens as they pursue new topics like humanities and environmental studies, philosophy and neuroscience, medicine and anthropology, and digital arts. Together we are driven to discover new ideas, methodologies, art forms, and solutions as we tackle society’s most pressing needs. Check out our impact map, research spotlight, and video series to learn more about how the College of Arts & Sciences is changing lives worldwide.

Research Spotlight

Impact Map

"Arts + Science ="