• First-ever atomic freeze-frame of liquid water

    In an experiment akin to stop-motion photography, an international team co-led by University of Washington scientists has isolated the energetic movement of an electron in a sample of liquid water â while âfreezingâ the motion of the much larger atom it orbits.
    02/15/2024 | UW News
  • Researchers put a new twist on graphite

    A team led by researchers at the University of Washington reports that it is possible to imbue graphite — the bulk, 3D material found in No. 2 pencils – with physical properties similar to graphite’s 2D counterpart, graphene. Not only was this breakthrough unexpected, the team also believes its approach could be used to test whether similar types of bulk materials can also take on 2D-like properties. If so, 2D sheets won’t be the only source for scientists to fuel technological revolutions. Bulk, 3D materials could be just as useful.
    07/19/2023 | UW News
  • Xiaodong Xu: Then and Now / 2012 Early Career Award Winner

    New electronic devices? New data storage methods? UW Physics & Materials Sciences Professor Xiaodong Xu studies the properties of single atomic layer semiconductors. He looks for new materials and new ways to control electrical conductivity.

    07/17/2023 | U.S. Department of Energy
  • STEM and the Symphony

    Meghna Shankar, graduating with degrees in physics and computer science, found joy and balance by also performing in the UW Symphony Orchestra. 

    June 2023 Perspectives
  • Seven UW faculty members elected to the Washington State Academy of Sciences

    Seven professors at the University of Washington are among 25 new members of the Washington State Academy of Sciences for 2022, according to a July 15 announcement.

    UW News