College of Arts and Sciences

  • Seattle crows are so smart, they’re challenging what we know about evolution

    Researchers have made startling discoveries in recent years about a crow’s ability to communicate, solve problems, remember people and use tools. What researchers are discovering about crow brains is changing how scientists understand intelligence — and bringing into question our accepted version of evolution. John Marzluff, professor of environmental and forest sciences at the UW, Loma Pendergraft, lecturer of psychology at the UW, and Doug Wacker, assistant professor of biological sciences at UW Bothell, are quoted.
    07/19/2024 | KUOW
  • Xiaosong Li Named College's Associate Dean for Research

    UW Chemistry professor Xiaosong Li has joined the College of Arts & Sciences leadership team as associate dean for research. 

    07/19/2024 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • Throughline: The Creeping Coup

    Sudan has been at the center of a deadly and brutal war for over a year. It's the site of the world's largest hunger crisis, and the world's largest displacement crisis. Christopher Tounsel, associate professor of history at the UW, is interviewed.
    07/18/2024 | NPR
  • GOP chairman calls election cycle 'surreal' amid Trump assassination attempt, VP pick

    In the 72 hours after a political earthquake, there is debate about the impact on the November election. James Long, professor of political science at the UW, is quoted.
    07/17/2024 | KOMO
  • Opinion: If Israel-Hezbollah war escalates, I fear antisemitism will, too

    "While the war between Hamas and Israel dominates the news, the growing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah is far more dangerous. Since Hamas attacked Israel last Oct. 7, Hezbollah — far larger and better armed than Hamas — has been waging a less-publicized war on Israel from southern Lebanon, attacking with rockets, artillery, drones, antitank missiles and other weapons, forcing Israel to evacuate tens of thousands of civilians living near the border. Hezbollah could initiate full-scale war at any moment. Its goal: The destruction of Israel," writes Paul Burstein, professor emeritus of sociology and adjunct professor of political science at the UW.
    07/15/2024 | The Seattle Times
  • Analysis: Electing a virtuous president would make immunity irrelevant, writes a political philosopher

    "The Supreme Court’s decision that grants presidents immunity from criminal prosecution for their 'official acts' has been met by alarm by many legal scholars," writes Michael Blake, professor of philosophy and of public policy and governance at the UW.
    07/15/2024 | The Conversation
  • How to bargain in foreign markets without offending locals

    Bargaining is the norm in many foreign markets, but you’ll need the right mind-set. Anu Taranath, teaching professor of English and of Comparative History of Ideas at the UW, is quoted.
    07/12/2024 | The Washington Post
  • 5 years into Amazon’s Climate Pledge, workers challenge its progress

    Five years after Amazon committed to an ambitious climate goal, the company says it is making progress on reducing emissions — but critics allege those calculations are misleading. Aseem Prakash, professor of political science at the UW, is quoted.
    07/11/2024 | The Seattle Times
  • Analysis: Behind America’s first comprehensive federal immigration law

    "The first comprehensive federal immigration legislation in the history of the U.S., the 1924 law solidified features of the immigration system with us today: visa requirements, the Border Patrol, and the category of the 'illegal alien.' Even as the primary targets of immigration restrictionism have shifted over the century, the consequences for immigrants and their communities remain profoundly shaped by the system created in 1924," writes Devin Naar, associate professor of history and of Jewish studies at the UW.
    07/09/2024 | TIME
  • 12,000-year-old Aboriginal sticks may be evidence of the oldest known culturally transmitted ritual in the world

    Aboriginal artifacts in Australia that were likely used for ritual spells may be evidence of the oldest culturally transmitted ritual on record. Ben Marwick, professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted.
    07/02/2024 | Live Science
  • How science went to the dogs (and cats)

    Pets were once dismissed as trivial scientific subjects. Today, companion animal science is hot. Daniel Promislow, professor of biology and of laboratory medicine and pathology at the UW, is quoted.
    07/01/2024 | The New York Times
  • New Faculty Spotlight: Oliver Rollins

    "I am a qualitative sociologist who works on issues of race/racism in and through science and technology. Specifically, my work is situated within a growing new area of inquiry, the sociology of the neurosciences." Oliver Rollins, assistant professor of American ethnic studies at the UW, is featured.

    06/28/2024 | UW Research
  • An 'unmitigated disaster': Local political experts weigh in on first Trump-Biden debate

    U.S. President Joe Biden stumbled over his words repeatedly in his first presidential debate with former President Donald Trump leading up to the November election, and the Republican frontrunner responded to Biden’s verbal attacks with lies about his role in the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection along with fibs about the economy. James Long, professor of political science at the UW, is quoted.
    06/28/2024 | The Spokesman-Review
  • How Seattle Public Library's cyberattack impacts patrons, students

    Tutors, laptops, printers, audiobooks — all are affected by the district ransomware attack, and could take months to return to normal. Jessica Beyer, co-leader of the Cybersecurity Initiative in the UW Jackson School of International Studies, is quoted.
    06/26/2024 | Crosscut
  • Analysis: Journalism has become ground zero for the vocation crisis

    "Growing numbers of reporters and editors, tired of waiting for the other shoe to drop, are exiting the profession, citing burnout as the reason for their departure," writes Matthew Powers, associate professor of communications at the UW.
    06/25/2024 | The Conversation