• In Classics, a Different Take on Race

    A new Classics course looks at conceptions of race in antiquity and how ancient racial categories “put the arbitrariness of race as we know it into relief.”

    May 2022 Perspectives
  • Unmasking the Activism of Community Theater

    UW Drama professor Valerie Curtis-Newton (MFA, 1996), who will present the University Faculty Lecture on May 3, has been stirring up "good trouble" and courageously unmasking uncomfortable truths for decades. 

    April 2022 Perspectives
  • Women Are Creating a New Culture for Astronomy

    A new generation of scientists is challenging the biased, hierarchical status quo in astronomy. The UW's Jessica Werk, Sarah Tuttle, and Emily Levesque, discuss.

    Scientific American
  • The Poetics of Barbara Earl Thomas

    In her work, artist and alum Barbara Earl Thomas "offers a lovingly tender elevation of Black people and their stories."

  • Kerschbaum Honored for Inclusive Mentoring

    Stephanie Kerschbaum, English professor and director of the Expository Writing Program, has received national recognition for her inclusive mentoring. 

  • The Math Alliance Expands Diversity in STEM Through Mentorship

    Through the Math Alliance, UW departments and programs provide mentoring and networking to encourage diversity in STEM fields.

    December 2021 Perspectives
  • The Intersection of Science & Equity

    Biology PhD student Ashely Paynter has created a podcast/organization that reflects her interests in science and activism. 

    October 2021 Perspectives
  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

    Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month this September 15 through October 15 by exploring work by College of Arts & Sciences faculty, students and alumni.

    September 2021 Perspectives
  • Meet the 2020-21 UW MAP award recipients

    Since 1994, alumni and friends in the Multicultural Alumni Partnership have worked together to promote diversity at the UW and address issues of equity and diversity on our campuses and in our community. This year’s promising scholars range from early undergraduates who are still zeroing in on a major to those pursuing graduate and professional degrees.

    UW Magazine
  • Advocating for Access

    As a child of Deaf adults, Christine Lew feels blessed to part of — and advocate for — the Deaf community and others.

    June 2021 Perspectives
  • Digging into the Roots of Rap

    A new course explores rap music and its musical influences, with guest musicians and creative assignments.

    May 2021 Perspectives
  • Tatiana Toro: una científica que explica las matemáticas con imágenes (English translation: Tatiana Toro: a scientist who explains mathematics with images)

    En el 2019, Toro ganó el premio Marsha L. Landolt, de la Universidad de Washington, donde trabaja desde 1994. El reconocimiento, que obtuvo por su capacidad pedagógica e interés en enseñar un área a la que muchos le temen, también la ubicó como una de las científicas colombianas más reconocidas y brillantes. (English translation: In 2019, Toro won the Marsha L. Landolt Award from the University of Washington, where she has worked since 1994. The recognition, which she obtained for her pedagogical ability and interest in teaching an area that many fear, also ranked her as one of the most recognized and brilliant Colombian scientists).

    El Espectador
  • Inclusive Biology Lessons with a Global Reach

    UW senior Ishira Parikh helped create an award-winning curriculum using what she'd learned through UW courses and volunteer activities. 

    April 2021 Perspectives
  • An Artist Residency — from Afar

    Artists usually create work on campus during their Jacob Lawrence Legacy Residency. COVID changed that, but the spirit of the residency remains.

    January 2021 Perspectives
  • The UW through an Indigenous Lens

    UW senior Owen Oliver grew up on the UW campus. Now he wants others in his community to feel at home at the University.

    January 2021 Perspectives