• Prominent women in tech say they don't want to join OpenAI's all-male board

    After internal chaos earlier this month, OpenAI replaced the women on its board with men. As it plans to add more seats, Timnit Gebru, Sasha Luccioni and other AI luminaries tell WIRED why they wouldn't join. Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the UW, is quoted.
    11/29/2023 | Wired
  • Speaking English with an accent is means for celebration, not exclusion

    In collaboration with the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee, award-winning poet and UW assistant professor Piotr Florczyk dedicated an event to the reading and discussion of poetry in Polish and English. Contributing writer Avery Cook dives into the importance of bilingual writing and writers.

    11/22/2023 | The Daily
  • College Launches Equity, Justice & Inclusion Fund

    With the creation of a new Equity, Justice & Inclusion fund, the College is putting resources behind its values. Under the leadership of Associate Dean Maya Smith, this new fund will foster faculty mentorship, curricular innovations, and more—all toward a vision of greater access and equity.

    11/20/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • For Black Republicans, A Dramatic Shift

    What it means to be Black and Republican has changed through the years. American Ethnic Studies professor La TaSha Levy is researching a period of dramatic change for Black Republicans. 

    November 2023 Perspectives
  • Building a Family through Tribal Canoe Journey

    The UW participated in its first Tribal Canoe Journey, with students, faculty, staff, and alums working together as a family — the Shell House Canoe Family, č̓away̓altxʷ ʔiišəd — to make it all happen.  

    September 2023 Perspectives
  • Opinion: Applying DEI to science

    "Public understanding of science is essential for democracy. Misleading readers to score political points with an argument that scientists have exchanged merit and objectivity for progressive ideology is a disservice to science and the public alike," writes Carl Bergstrom, professor of biology at the UW, in a letter to the editor.

    The New York Times
  • Creating an Ecosystem of Care for American Indian and Indigenous Students, Faculty, and Staff

    With a 2.3 million Mellon Foundation grant renewal, the UW’s Center for American Indian & Indigenous Studies continues to dream itself forward.

    05/30/2023 | College of Arts & Sciences
  • COMMENTARY: This AAPI month, let’s not forget Seattle’s ultraminorities

    Nazry Bahrawi, Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian literature and culture, inaugurates Asian Languages & Literature's quarterly column in the Northwest Asian Weekly.

    Northwest Asian Weekly
  • Seattle's Black dance history gets the spotlight in a new show

    Drawing upon archival photos and old films, Black Collectivity presents an original performance rooted in little-known legacies. Jasmine Mahmoud, assistant professor of theatre history and performance studies at the UW, is quoted.

  • Seattle has a dearth of monuments to women

    The City of Seattle's civic art collection, which includes more than 400 permanent installations, contains only one outdoor monument honoring a female historical figure. Sasha Su-Ling Welland, chair and professor of gender, women & sexuality studies at the UW, is quoted.

    Axios Seattle
  • Asian American History, Shared through Graphic Novels

    Graphic novels created by American Ethnic Studies students explore the role of Seattle's Asian American community in historic events.

    March 2023 Perspectives
  • Connecting with Native Communities

    Community and mentorship made all the difference to Sherri Berdine (2008) as an Alaska Native (Aleut & CIRI Descendent) UW student. Now she's the University's Director of Tribal Relations.

    January 2023 Perspectives
  • Smith to Lead Equity, Justice & Inclusion Efforts

    Maya Angela Smith, the College's inaugural associate dean for equity, justice and inclusion, answers questions about her new role.

    November 2022 Perspectives
  • Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of what unites us all

    Across our campuses, and far beyond, Hispanic and Latinx Americans with a UW connection are changing the world – through teaching, scholarship, research, art, literature, innovation and public service.

    University of Washington, Office of the President
  • From student activist to intersectional labor organizer: Meet Yasmin Ahmed

    At the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, Yasmin fosters relationships between UW students and local labor organizations to promote social change.

    The Whole U