• Latest News in Black Art: New University Museum Directors, Infiniti Award for Photog Renell ...

    Jordan Jones has been appointed as the next Director and Curator of the Jacob Lawrence Gallery, to begin in April 2024. In her role as Director and Curator, Jones will provide curatorial, programming, and administrative leadership and oversight in a newly renovated state-of-the-art exhibition space within the School of Art + Art History + Design at the UW Seattle campus. 

    04/17/2024 | Culture Type
  • Sitting down with Jordan Jones

    “For me, art has always been, more than anything, a container for conversation … I want [this gallery] to be a space where folks can meet and have a really vital, productive kind of social experience," said Jordan Jones. Getting to know Jacob Lawrence Gallery’s new director and curator. 

    04/17/2024 | The Daily
  • Q&A: Eclipses arenât just good for jaw-dropping views â theyâre also opportunities for stellar science, says UW astronomer

    Eclipses past and present arenât just opportunities for incredible sights. Generations of researchers have used them to study phenomena ranging from the sun itself to the fabric of the universe. UW News intervewed Emily Levesque, author and associate professor of astronomy, about what scientists past and present have learned by studying eclipses.
    04/04/2024 | UW News
  • Immigrant rights activist Catalina Velasquez on her life and work

    The Standard spoke to Catalina Velasquez, a doctoral student at the UW, about being one of the few trans, queer people leading the immigrant rights movement in Washington.
    04/02/2024 | Washington State Standard
  • Two Majors, Complementary Skills

    Elizabeth Xiong (2024), a double major in art history and computer science, shares how she gained different and complementary skills from each major.

    April 2024 Perspectives
  • Found in translation: Letters from a multilingual island

    In Singapore’s growing microcosm of modern multiculturalism, literary translators bridge people across walks of life. These skilled story-weavers shoulder the responsibility of making our far-reaching roots accessible to readers around the world. Nazry Bahrawi, Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Literature, is quoted.

    BBC StoryWorks
  • Chinese Characters across Asia: Continuity and transformation in Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese

    Chinese, like the other earliest inventions of writing, emerged in complex societies, where people needed to use symbols for writing. The script started as pictures, but quickly evolved to incorporate other mechanisms capable of indicating abstract concepts and grammatical structures. When Classical (or ancient) Chinese script spread, literate people in other cultures not only mastered it, but they then used it to represent their own distinct spoken languages in written form. Zev Handel, professor and department chair of Asian languages and literature at the UW, is quoted.
    Northwest Asian Weekly
  • 5 Indigenous artists and scholars on Lily Gladstone, the Oscars and more

    Five local Native American artists and cultural workers shared their feelings about how Lily Gladstone’s Oscar nomination blazes a new path for Indigenous creatives as well as the racist tropes still targeting Native Americans in the media. Charlotte Coté, professor of American Indian studies, is interviewed.
    The Seattle Times
  • Seattle scientist, conservation activist Estella Leopold dies at 97

    Seattle scientist and conservationist Estella Leopold has died at the age of 97. Leopold spent most of her career at the University of Washington, teaching and learning about the distant past through pollen deposits. P. Dee Boersma, professor of biology at the UW, is quoted.
  • UW graduate receives prestigious Gates Cambridge scholarship

    Sonia Fereidooni, who earned bachelorâs and masterâs degrees from the University of Washington, was selected for the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Fereidooni, 22, will receive a full-cost scholarship to pursue doctoral work in Digital Humanities at the University of Cambridge, England. The highly competitive scholarship brings recognition of accomplishments and future promise. This year, 26 students...
    UW News
  • New Faculty Spotlight: Mia Bennett

    "UW is making exciting inroads in data science and data studies, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this interdisciplinary effort, which spans from the humanities to the social and physical sciences and beyond," says Mia Bennett, assistant professor in the Department of Geography.

    UW Research
  • TIME 2024 WOMEN OF THE YEAR: The Poet Whose Writing Will Be Launched Into Space

    Ada Limón is no stranger to good news. In 2022, she was appointed the 24th poet laureate of the U.S. Last spring, she was granted a two-year second term. And in October came the announcement that she’d won a MacArthur “genius” grant. Ada Limón, UW School of Drama alumna, is featured.

  • What happened to Seattle's relationship with Boeing?

    Boeing is still a force locally, both in influence and sheer numbers. The company still receives very generous tax benefits from Washington, notes Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the UW. Yet its presence in the region isn’t top of mind for many anymore.
    Seattle Met
  • ‘Grandmothering While Black’ explores skipped-generation households

    In her book “Grandmothering While Black: A Twenty-First Century Story of Love, Coercion and Survival,” LaShawnDa Pittman, associate professor of American ethnic studies at the UW, plumbs the nuances of the role of contemporary Black grandmothers in today’s landscape.
    Chicago Tribune
  • Husky football players take their skills from the field to the classroom and beyond

    Holly Barker, a University of Washington teaching professor of anthropology, and three current members of the UW football team â Ulumoo Ale, Makell Esteen and Faatui Tuitele â are studying how the skills they develop to maximize their chances of victory on the field have applications outside the stadium. Their work, which is ongoing, is showing that the research methods and analytical abilities of student-athletes are applicable in academic and research settings, as well as jobs in a variety of fields.
    UW News