• New Faculty Spotlight: Mia Bennett

    "UW is making exciting inroads in data science and data studies, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this interdisciplinary effort, which spans from the humanities to the social and physical sciences and beyond," says Mia Bennett, assistant professor in the Department of Geography.

    02/23/2024 | UW Research
  • TIME 2024 WOMEN OF THE YEAR: The Poet Whose Writing Will Be Launched Into Space

    Ada Limón is no stranger to good news. In 2022, she was appointed the 24th poet laureate of the U.S. Last spring, she was granted a two-year second term. And in October came the announcement that she’d won a MacArthur “genius” grant. Ada Limón, UW School of Drama alumna, is featured.

    02/21/2024 | TIME
  • What happened to Seattle's relationship with Boeing?

    Boeing is still a force locally, both in influence and sheer numbers. The company still receives very generous tax benefits from Washington, notes Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the UW. Yet its presence in the region isn’t top of mind for many anymore.
    01/19/2024 | Seattle Met
  • ‘Grandmothering While Black’ explores skipped-generation households

    In her book “Grandmothering While Black: A Twenty-First Century Story of Love, Coercion and Survival,” LaShawnDa Pittman, associate professor of American ethnic studies at the UW, plumbs the nuances of the role of contemporary Black grandmothers in today’s landscape.
    01/16/2024 | Chicago Tribune
  • Husky football players take their skills from the field to the classroom and beyond

    Holly Barker, a University of Washington teaching professor of anthropology, and three current members of the UW football team â Ulumoo Ale, Makell Esteen and Faatui Tuitele â are studying how the skills they develop to maximize their chances of victory on the field have applications outside the stadium. Their work, which is ongoing, is showing that the research methods and analytical abilities of student-athletes are applicable in academic and research settings, as well as jobs in a variety of fields.
    01/05/2024 | UW News
  • Colleen McElroy, poet and UW’s first full-time Black female faculty member, dies

    Colleen J. McElroy, a nationally known poet and the first Black woman to serve as a full-time faculty member at the UW, died of natural causes Dec. 12. She was 88. Frances McCue, a teaching professor of English at the UW, is quoted.
    01/02/2024 | The Seattle Times
  • Protecting Ghosts of the Forest

    Lisa Dabek (PhD, Psychology, 1994), senior conservation scientist at the Woodland Park Zoo, studies and protects tree kangaroos in the cloud forests of Papua New Guinea. 

    January 2024 Perspectives
  • Building Connections Through Opera

    Lokela Alexander Minami (BA, 2010; MA, 2012) turned a lifelong passion for opera into a career that introduces others to the art form.

    January 2024 Perspectives
  • For Dialect Coach, Every Voice is Unique

    As a dialect coach, Tré Cotten (MFA, 2017, Acting) has gained national attention for his ability to help actors bring authenticity to their characters. 

    January 2024 Perspectives
  • Raising the (Sustainable) Roof

    Alexa Bednarz (BA, Communication, 2012) turned an idea for environmentally friendly roofing material into Eco-Shelter Inc. Its first manufacturing facility will open in India in 2024. 

    January 2024 Perspectives
  • Tom Mara, SIFF exec, is preserving Seattle’s film history at the Cinerama

    Tom Mara, who helms the Seattle International Film festival, is making history by transforming the Cinerama into SIFF Cinema Downtown. While at the UW, Mara studied broadcast journalism, which pointed him toward work in public radio.

    UW Magazine
  • New faculty books: Story and comic collection, Washington state fossils, colonial roots of intersex medicine

    Three new faculty books from the University of Washington cover wide-ranging topics: life in the Rio Grande Valley, fossils of Washington state and the colonial roots of contemporary intersex medicine. UW News talked with the authors to learn more. Collection highlights life in Rio Grande Valley “Puro Pinche True Fictions” is a collection of short...
    UW News
  • Still Fascinated by Physics

    "The questions are long-term questions," emeritus professor Marshall Baker says of his theoretical physics, which he is still pursuing at age 91. 

    December 2023 Perspectives
  • Speaking English with an accent is means for celebration, not exclusion

    In collaboration with the UW Polish Studies Endowment Committee, award-winning poet and UW assistant professor Piotr Florczyk dedicated an event to the reading and discussion of poetry in Polish and English. Contributing writer Avery Cook dives into the importance of bilingual writing and writers.

    The Daily
  • I am First-Generation: Juan Rodriguez

    "There are going to be many days where it doesn't seem to make sense, and that is an incredibly vulnerable space to maneuver, but just know that you belong here at this incredible university along with every great opportunity you come across in your journey.  It's okay to not have the answers or feel entirely comfortable in new spaces you'll find yourself in. Use curiosity to your advantage and ask questions, read for fun beyond the classroom, listen to new music that makes you want to bop around, or take a walk, and look for chances to join student organizations. Curiosity is a great tool in the classroom, and it will also serve you well beyond the University of Washington. Give it your all because you'll get back what you put in." - Juan Rodriguez, Marketing Production Specialist, College of Arts & Sciences

    College of Arts & Sciences