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Art + Art History + Design

The School of Art + Art History + Design, one of the largest majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a diverse education in the visual arts. The School is organized into three divisions: the Division of Art, composed of the studio programs; the Division of Art History; and the Division of Design. Using a collaborative approach, the School engages and educates students in the diverse and important issues of visual literacy, the creative process, and visual communication.

Bachelor of Arts in Art HistoryBachelor of Arts in Art with concentrations in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts, Painting and Drawing, Photomedia, and 3D4M: Ceramics + Glass + Sculpture; Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication Design, Interaction Design, and Industrial Design; Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing, Photomedia, and 3D4M:Ceramics + Glass + Sculpture; Master of DesignMaster of Art in Art HistoryPhD in Art History.​