• Why didn't more Washingtonians vote in the 2023 election?

    Turnout for this year's November election was the lowest on record since Washington started keeping track in 1936. Statewide, 36.41% of registered voters returned their ballot in 2023. That beats the previous low of 37.1%, held in another odd-year election -- 2017, and the one before that, 38.52% in 2015. Mark Smith, professor of political science at the UW, is quoted.

    12/05/2023 | KUOW
  • Prominent women in tech say they don't want to join OpenAI's all-male board

    After internal chaos earlier this month, OpenAI replaced the women on its board with men. As it plans to add more seats, Timnit Gebru, Sasha Luccioni and other AI luminaries tell WIRED why they wouldn't join. Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the UW, is quoted.
    11/29/2023 | Wired
  • Analysis: Why George Santos' lies are even worse than the usual political lies -- a moral philosopher explains

    "Santos may be exceptional in how many lies he has told, but politicians seeking election have incentives to tell voters what they want to hear - and there is some empirical evidence that a willingness to lie may be helpful in the process of getting elected. Voters may not appreciate candidates who are unwilling or unable to mislead others from time to time," writes Michael Blake, professor of philosophy and of public policy and governance at the UW.
    11/22/2023 | The Conversation
  • Opinion: Welcome to the new economics of tipping

    "Why do you tip? And have your reasons for tipping changed lately? Is there less gratitude in the mix and more – shall we say – fear?" writes columnist Peter Coy. Anthony Gill, professor of political science at the UW, is quoted.

    11/21/2023 | The New York Times
  • Analysis: Delhi air pollution and global climate policy slowdown

    "If a policy imposes costs locally to create benefits across the border, it is likely to run into local opposition. This is the story of Delhi's air pollution as well as the global slowdown in addressing climate issues," write the UW's Nives Dol?ak, professor of marine and environmental affairs, and Aseem Prakash, professor of political science.
    11/13/2023 | Forbes
  • ArtSci Roundup: Diversity Lecture Series, Jacob Lawrence Gallery Reopening, Sacred Breath, and more.

    This week, attend the Diversity Lecture Series “Unveiling Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in the United States”, celebrate the Jacob Lawrence Gallery Reopening, listen to Indigenous storytellers at Sacred Breath, and more. November 13, 3:00 – 4:30pm | Diversity Lecture Series: “Unveiling Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in the United States: Disparities and Challenges in Women’s Health”,...
    11/08/2023 | UW News
  • Opinion: Social media and mental health –– seeing through the fog in the midst of conflict

    "Often, we use social media as a link –– this incredible resource to connect us to the people and places we love. As disinformation, decontextualization, and propaganda increase across X, TikTok, and other sites, users need to assess what the sources are for the information they are consuming," writes Danielle Marie Holland. Liora Halperin, professor of history and international studies, is quoted.

    11/08/2023 | South Seattle Emerald
  • On an island in Southeast Asia, early humans coped with climate change by tailoring their technology

    Over the course of some 44,000 years, humans occupying the island of Timor-Leste, just north of Australia, changed their methods of making stone tools in lockstep with climate change, according to a recent study in Quaternary Science Reviews. Ben Marwick, professor of anthropology at the UW, is quoted.

    11/06/2023 | CNBC
  • There will be another Sam Bankman-Fried

    Tech welcomes big characters, and many successful founders become synonymous with their brands. The incentive structures of Silicon Valley – and the huge sums that can be gained from selling stories rather than functional products – mean that the door remains open for other people to follow in Bankman-Fried's tracks. Margaret O'Mara, professor of history at the UW, is quoted.

    11/03/2023 | The Atlantic
  • ArtSci Roundup: UW Pandemic Project Radical Listening Session, National First-Generation College Celebration, and more

    This week, attend the UW Pandemic Project’s Radical Listening Session to honor each individual’s lived pandemics experiences, head to Meany Hall for Garrick Ohlsson’s piano performance, celebrate Diwali with the Burke Museum, and more. November 7, 4:30 – 6:00pm | Sharon Stein, “The University and Its Responsibility for Repair: Confronting Colonial Foundations and Enabling Different...
    11/02/2023 | UW News
  • Tacoma police trial in Manuel Ellis' death holds echoes of 1938 killing

    Police facing criminal charges for deaths caused on duty are exceedingly rare. Over the past century, just six deaths at the hands of police have resulted in criminal charges in Washington state. James Gregory, professor and associate chair of history at the UW, is quoted.

    11/02/2023 | The Seattle Times
  • Sam Altman warns AI could kill us all — but he still wants the world to use it

    Sam Altman thinks the technology underpinning his company's most famous product could bring about the end of human civilization. The UW's Emily M. Bender, professor of linguistics, and Margaret O'Mara, professor of history, are quoted.

    10/31/2023 | CNN
  • Voting in Emerging Democracies, Despite the Challenges

    Political Science professor James Long studies why many voters choose to participate in elections in emerging democracies despite the considerable personal cost.

    November 2023 Perspectives
  • For Black Republicans, A Dramatic Shift

    What it means to be Black and Republican has changed through the years. American Ethnic Studies professor La TaSha Levy is researching a period of dramatic change for Black Republicans. 

    November 2023 Perspectives
  • Where Media and Politics Meet

    Where do you seek information about politics and elections? In this roundtable, three faculty in the UW Department of Communication discuss the role of media in creating an informed public.

    November 2023 Perspectives