Undergraduate Education

  • In Classics, a Different Take on Race

    A new Classics course looks at conceptions of race in antiquity and how ancient racial categories “put the arbitrariness of race as we know it into relief.”

    May 2022 Perspectives
  • Cool Courses for Autumn 2022

    It's time to think about autumn quarter course registration! Check out these cool Arts & Sciences courses to be offered this fall.

  • Connecting Promise Programs to Community College Transfer

    Anyone keeping an eye on the U.S. Congress senses that free community college across the country looks increasingly unlikely. However, one emerging model may provide a road map for other institutions. It’s the Path to UW — a transfer partnership between the Seattle Colleges Seattle Promise program and the University of Washington Seattle campus. The UW's Joslin Boroughs, associate director of undergraduate advising; Cynthia Caci, director of advising at the UW College of Arts and Sciences; and Michaelann Jundt, associate dean of undergraduate academic affairs, are quoted.

    Inside Higher Ed
  • Rome the Roller Coaster

    Communication major Jean Wong shares the ups and downs of her UW study abroad experience in Rome. 

    April 2022 Perspectives
  • A Digital Life for Print Texts

    While studying the impact of the digital revolution on texts, students created digital editions using print publications in UW Special Collections.

    April 2022 Perspectives
  • Cool Courses for Summer 2022

    It's time to think about summer quarter! Check out these cool Arts & Sciences courses to be offered this summer.

  • Lessons from Bollywood

    Professor Anand Yang grew up on Bollywood films. Now he uses this popular entertainment to teach colonial Indian history. 

    March 2022 Perspectives
  • 8 Strategies for Scholarships

    Hoping for a scholarship? Check out this advice from the UW's scholarship office and Arts & Sciences students.

  • BlackPast Interns Celebrate Black Scientists

    Thanks to a UW internship, students are contributing content about Black leaders in the sciences on BlackPast.org. 

    February 2022 Perspectives
  • Cool Courses for Spring 2022

    It's time to think about spring quarter! Check out these cool Arts & Sciences courses to be offered this spring.

  • Adventures in Cybersecurity

    Students in the Jackson School of International Studies delve into cybersecurity policy and its societal implications. 

    November 2021 Perspectives
  • 10 Ways to Make the Most of the UW

    Ten recent Arts & Sciences alumni offer advice on making the most of the UW through academics, campus life, and a productive mindset.

    October 2021 Perspectives
  • Launching a Humanities Journey

    Humanities First, a new program for first year students, celebrates the humanities and their role in society.  

    September 2021 Perspectives
  • Your guide to in-person classes

    Catherine Cole, the divisional dean of the arts and a professor of English and dance, discusses her teaching philosophy as the UW returns to in-person classes.

    The Daily
  • What are FIGS?

    First-Year Interest Groups can be a great way to develop interests, and explore college resources while having fun and meeting other students.

    The Daily