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  • Burke Museum receives national award

    The Burke Museum at the University of Washington in Seattle today announced it is one of six recipients of the 2022 National Medal for Museum and Library Service, the nation’s highest honor given to museums and libraries that make significant and exceptional contributions to their communities. The award is given by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Burke Museum is the only institution in Washington to be selected.

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  • Celebrating Pride Month

    Celebrate Pride Month and the history, progress and power of the LGBTQIA+ community through a collection of works by College of Arts & Sciences faculty, students and alumni.

  • Colleen McElroy Honored Through Room Dedication

    The CAS Dean’s Office conference room will now be named in honor of McElroy, the UW’s first full-time African American female faculty member.

  • Connecting through Challenges

    With a gift to Speech & Hearing Sciences, Lacey Berns is creating community for those caring for children facing communication challenges — and honoring her daughter.

    May 2022 Perspectives
  • Burke Museum Named 2022 IMLS National Medal Finalist

    The Institute of Museum and Library Services announced today that the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is among 30 finalists for the 2022 National Medal for Museum and Library Service. 

  • Seattle music producer brings home the Grammys

    Seattle musicians had a couple of nominations but not many wins at last weekend’s Grammys. One producer who did bring home a Grammy is Steve Rodby, artist in residence in the UW School of Music.

  • Connecting Promise Programs to Community College Transfer

    Anyone keeping an eye on the U.S. Congress senses that free community college across the country looks increasingly unlikely. However, one emerging model may provide a road map for other institutions. It’s the Path to UW — a transfer partnership between the Seattle Colleges Seattle Promise program and the University of Washington Seattle campus. The UW's Joslin Boroughs, associate director of undergraduate advising; Cynthia Caci, director of advising at the UW College of Arts and Sciences; and Michaelann Jundt, associate dean of undergraduate academic affairs, are quoted.

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  • How happy are Seattle, and WA as a whole, compared to other cities and states?

    By some accounts, Seattle is among the most stressed and sleep-deprived metros in the nation, but let’s forget about that for a moment. New reports find Seattle, and Washington as a whole, rate high on the happiness scale. Milla Titova, assistant teaching professor of psychology at the UW, is quoted.

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  • Unmasking the Activism of Community Theater

    UW Drama professor Valerie Curtis-Newton (MFA, 1996), who will present the University Faculty Lecture on May 3, has been stirring up "good trouble" and courageously unmasking uncomfortable truths for decades. 

    April 2022 Perspectives
  • Women Are Creating a New Culture for Astronomy

    A new generation of scientists is challenging the biased, hierarchical status quo in astronomy. The UW's Jessica Werk, Sarah Tuttle, and Emily Levesque, discuss.

    Scientific American
  • New Huskies 2022 Arts and Sciences Events

    Admitted students and families can engage with the College of Arts and Sciences through several department and program specific events over the next few weeks.

  • Mini Mart City Park, a converted gas station in Georgetown, opens as cultural center after 15 years

    Jasmine Mahmoud, assistant professor of theatre history and performance studies, curated the inaugural art exhibition at the new Mini Mart City Park.

  • BlackPast Interns Celebrate Black Scientists

    Thanks to a UW internship, students are contributing content about Black leaders in the sciences on BlackPast.org. 

    February 2022 Perspectives
  • The Intersection of Science & Equity

    Biology PhD student Ashely Paynter has created a podcast/organization that reflects her interests in science and activism. 

    October 2021 Perspectives
  • The Perks of Being a UW Student

    Opportunities on campus and in the community that are free or discounted for UW students.